Category: Meat Up Year Two

Meat Up: year 2 with Mariela

I find more and more research supporting the ketogenic lifestyle as well as carnivore. More case studies arise left and right with people having success in healing so many ailments, that it is hard to discredit that includes Alzheimer/dementia, diabetes, heart disorders, IBS, seizures, etc. I am living proof that no matter your age, ailments, damage you have caused can be resolved by eating a carnivore diet.  

Meat Up: 2 years later with Kristel

“I learned that diet is really one of the most important pillars for health. Animal products seem to be at the center of our diets, historically. Judging from many civilizations, our ancestors and all the accounts of people who tell us they feel better when they have it in their diet. It is so important to open a discussion about this because the world is getting fed a narrative of how plant based is the future. Unfortunately, plant based/ vegan diets will only worsen and shorten a human’s future.”

Meat Up – 2 years later with Rachel

This past year, I have figured out that I don’t do well with pork.  I just don’t feel optimal when I eat it.  I have learned that eggs make a good cream substitute if you blend them into coffee! I also stopped doing IF in the mornings and switched it to eating early and fasting in the afternoon and overnight.  I feel really good eating this way and I still feel like I’m getting the same benefits, if not more.