Meat Up Year Two

Meat Up: year 2 with Mariela

It has been two years since Mariela’s carnivore diet success story, so it was time for a catch up.

Carnivore diet success story

Meat up year 1

Interview with Mariela

How would you currently describe your current way of eating. 

 I am still 85-95% carnivore. I focus on the animal kingdom and on some weekends, I might indulge in a Keto dessert/treat, and occasional glass of wine and chocolate. I’ve noticed that I’ve healed so much from eating carnivore, that I can indulge in more Keto treats and not feel horrible. However, when I have them for longer periods, I notice my digestion (IBS symptoms) and energy do suffer. So I still feel more optimal eating carnivore most of the time, which to me translates into better health, energy, moods, digestion, sleep and overall well- being. I typically have a coffee for breakfast with Keto cream and/or heavy cream. I have some sausage and/or eggs. For lunch I typically have a protein (steak, ground beef, chicken, etc.) with Keto mayo to add fats. Snacks could be pork rinds with Keto mayo, or a meat stick, Dinner is similar to lunch, where I chose anything from the animal kingdom and eat till full. I sometimes have more carnivorous desserts like “Flan” made with egg yolks, vanilla, a tad of monk fruit and heavy whipped cream, or “instant cheesecake” made of cream cheese with vanilla and a tad of monk fruit. I find creative ways to make carnivorous recipes since this is a long-term lifestyle for me.  

What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

I continue to be a braniac and I love to research! I find more and more research supporting the ketogenic lifestyle as well as carnivore. More case studies arise left and right with people having success in healing so many ailments, that it is hard to discredit that includes Alzheimer/dementia, diabetes, heart disorders, IBS, seizures, etc. I am living proof that no matter your age, ailments, damage you have caused can be resolved by eating a carnivore diet.  

What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year. 

This past year I stepped up my game in regard to my weight training routine. I typically work out 4 times per week, but still have an ebb and flow of weeks when it is only 2. However, I maintain consistency and I can maintain my strength and lean physique year round, without being a gym rat, as I used to be, so I can focus on my kids, writing, acting, meditating, and connecting with friends. Being active is something that I love to do, I need to channel my excess energy and grounding with exercise and I love to become stronger and push myself as I set new challenges for myself. 

What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead.

I am going to continue to maintain this exercise routine, as it seems to fit my lifestyle, in which I feel is balanced, yet effective for my personal life and lifestyle. I am less interested in perfection, and after the initial year of 100% carnivore, I feel I have healed so much, that I can be less than perfect, and still enjoy and indulge in Keto treats and still be the epitome of health. I have found my sweet spot for success, and while there are days when I could aim for better, I feel that consistency in the long run is more important, as this is totally a lifestyle change. I am living it 100% and happy to be able to share my story, and not only inspire, but also help others do the same.

Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

This year (February 2021), I participated in the Illinois international pageant and got 1st runner up. It was an exciting event! I was proud of my accomplishments, and especially since, I won the Fitness category. I did not have to diet, or prepare, or kill myself any extra before the pageant. I just continued to do “my carnivore thing” and work out as I typically do. The result is having a fit body year round, no matter the occasion, or event. I feel that this is the way of eating that maintains my abs and muscular, yet curvy physique year round even as I get older, I feel I keep looking and feeling younger, better than in my twenties! I get compliments daily that I look like in my late twenties-thirties! To me that is an awesome compliment as I am going against the clock, but definitely feel better than I ever had in my own skin. 

I hope to connect with anyone interested in my story on social media here:

@mariela_starseed- Instagram

@marielastarseed- Twitter Website/blog

@starseedbookseries- Facebook

@MarielaNS333- Facebook

I am always happy to answer questions and help those get started! I am thankful to share the light to others and help as many people as I can to start on their own path back to health.

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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