Meat Up – 2 years later with Rachel

Meat Up with Rachel

Carnivore diet success story –

Meat Up year 1 –

1) How would you currently describe your current way of eating. 

I am still doing pretty close to 100% carnivore. I have the odd avocado or pickle or square of dark chocolate, but I really don’t crave any other plants so I just avoid them.  I seem to feel my best on beef and eggs.  I rarely eat chicken, and the only pork I consume now is bacon. I use butter and beef fat as my main sources for fat, however butter is the only dairy I eat – unless I am treating myself to something.  And I love Redmond’s salt on everything!

2) What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

This past year, I have figured out that I don’t do well with pork.  I just don’t feel optimal when I eat it.  I have learned that eggs make a good cream substitute if you blend them into coffee! I also stopped doing IF in the mornings and switched it to eating early and fasting in the afternoon and overnight.  I feel really good eating this way and I still feel like I’m getting the same benefits, if not more.  

I was diagnosed with LADA (type 1.5 diabetes) in January 2020 and it has made my commitment to this WOE even stronger.  My sugars are very well balanced with a meat heavy diet and regular exercise.  

3) What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year. 

Like everyone, covid took away the gym… I learned quickly to adapt to home workouts and even started posting videos to help motivate others to stay active during this stressful time.  I actually feel like I have put on some muscle this year, not a lot but my body has made some nice changes. 

4) What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead.

I just want to stay consistent with training as I don’t see myself heading back to the gym if masks are required.  

5) Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

Instagram: @racheleatsmeatandlifts  


Facebook: Rachel C. – Keto Fit 

                  Honestly Keto 

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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