Meat Up: 2 years later with Me(at), Myself and I


I have done a Carnivore Diet success story, Meat Up year one, and this is my Meat Up year two.

How would you currently describe your current way of eating. 

I just call myself a Carnivore, but the Carnivore Police would have serious issues with that I am sure.

Probably best calling me Carnivoreish or Carnivore usually.

In the book I wrote (Carnivore Fit Extended Edition… available on Amazon 😊), I call it the Contemporary Carnivore Diet. Which lays out a framework to eat at a level that makes you feel good. Whether that is strict Beef and Water, to more KetoCarnivore, or somewhere in between.

Currently I would say around 7/10 meals are fresh cooked meat and salt… steaks, patties, eggs etc.

2/10 meals are meat with additional spices, rubs and sauces… joints in the smoker etc.

1/10 meals are non-carnivore, usually Keto desserts at the weekend, and on my long weekend run days I will go even higher carb than that.

The Keto desserts are usually dark chocolate and Greek yogurt, or some form of fruit and double cream. I only eat fruit that has a UK origin sticker. This is not because I am a fruit racist haha, it’s my way of keeping things somewhat seasonal. For example, in September I could eat Raspberries, Strawberries and Blackberries. In December I could only eat apples, so I would fry chopped apples and cinnamon in butter and pour over some cream. There will be times of the year where I will not be able to eat any fruit. 

What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

Not a lot really, I started a Ketogenic Diet in January 2016 and turned to the Contemporary Carnivore Diet in October 2017.

Mainly the last year has just solidified what I already knew.

I have also become less of a fan of the Guru’s this year. And I don’t much care for the seemingly endless debates on whether you can have honey on a Carnivore Diet ☹

I am a bigger fan of seeing real results in the real world. I would much prefer to read that Sarah from work, took her health into her own hands and lost weight and cured her anxiety. Or that Joe from down the street was sick of having arthritis and colitis, so did something about it.

I also found out I am the reincarnation of Nostradamus. I predicted back when the UK first went into lockdown back in March, that basically nobody would see Covid as a tipping point and make strides in improving their metabolic health. That most people would just bury their heads in the sand and presume they couldn’t do anything about it and wait for the vaccine. And that is exactly what has happened.

On one hand I am disgusted with the government for not making it abundantly clear that only the metabolically weak are dying from Covid. But on the other hand, I also want the Government staying away from Dietary and Health advice because you know they will push the wrong message.

What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year. 

Health wise I am happy with where I am at, I feel like I have decent balance of eating highly nutritious meat and having a few “treats” in there.

I want to be clear; I am not eating fruit and dark chocolate to fill a nutritional gap or because I think it is optimal. I actually know it is not optimal for how I feel. It is just a choice I make rightly or wrongly, the same choice I make with Alcohol. I actually feel the best when I am strict Carnivore.

I am lucky I have 2 feedback loops, which help keep me on the light side of the force.

  1. If I cheat too much, the arthritis in my ankles returns. A clear a signal as you can get, if I eat how I am currently eating I have no ankle pain in the mornings, if I cross that line in the sand and eat too much crap the ankle pain returns.
  2. I have had one mild cold that lasted 2 days since January 2016. I simply don’t get sick anymore, no colds, flus, viruses, or bugs. Prior to 2016 I certainly wasn’t a walking hospital bed, but like normal people I would get 2 or 3 colds a year that made me feel like crap for a week. The common cold doesn’t have to be so common after all. I take all this to mean I have a highly functioning immune system, which I take as a signal that I am healthy. If I started getting colds again, I would know I had crossed that line and to rein it back in.

Fitness wise I have regressed a little but mainly because my goals have changed, and due to lockdowns and restrictions.

I cancelled my gym membership, so I am less muscular than I was.

However, I am a better runner than I was because that has been what I have been focussing on.

Overall, I am content with where I am at, and I believe I am aging better than the majority of other 40-year olds.

What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead.

The only thing I have planned fitness wise is to do my first ultramarathon race. Which is a 69-mile race along Hadrian’s Wall, called The Wall.

During 2020 I have been horrified by the amount a government can have a hold on your life. They can actually stop you trying to earn money.

They also shut down my gym, and cancelled my races I had booked in.

It reinforced the idea I already had, that it is madness to chase money, working yourself to the bone, to end up with a tiny nest egg, which then gets dwindled away on care home fees.

I work to pay the bills, but I am chasing experiences and adventures now. I will never be able to retire early, but who cares because I will have enjoyed myself on a daily and weekly basis.

But on top of this I have learned to not even “trust” gyms and races. So, I will be going even more minimalist in how I gain my experiences and adventures. Currently this means I am going to take up fast hiking and wild camping. Fast hiking will allow me the experiences and adventure of ultramarathons without actually relying on them going ahead. I can just jump in a car and run The Cumbria Way, or go up to Scotland and run The West Highland Way. I could do things like this over a few days and wild camp on the route.

Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

2021 will further see the vilification of agricultural meat on the grounds of health, environment, and sustainability. All BS to varying degrees, and really is down to money. The more plant-based and lab grown meats that “food” companies have to sell, the more normal meat will be punished in the mainstream media. And a lot of people will fall for it.

You can see it throughout all niches. Sustainably made this and that. It is all virtue signally silliness really. There is nothing a person or company can do, to truly be a positive impact on the planet to a noticeably level. There are just too many humans around. Not having kids is the only truly “sustainable” thing you can do.

It makes me laugh when all these woke celebrities like Megan & Harry are banging on about the environment, but they wanted a child, so they had a child, but want me to eat less meat so they can carry on flying around on private jets. I don’t think so. And the vegan diet has clearly addled Bryan Adams brain so much so, he thinks planting some trees will offset the carbon footprint of a worldwide tour! Idiot.

Anyway, environmental rant over.

All my branded channels have done OK this year, with gradual increases in followers apart from my blog which has dropped in views per month. Which is surprising considering you would imagine that people would be searching for health transformations and stories in the middle of a global pandemic, which is only dangerous to the metabolically weak!

I have no proof, but I suspect I am getting throttled in the algorithms of search engines. I do know I have been shadow banned on Instagram, and Facebook have previously stopped me sharing my own blog to my own page, with no explanation. Then after a month they allowed it again.

At the end of the day, there is not much I can do about it. I choose to use these sites; it is their right to push what they want and hinder what they don’t. It’s not fair, but there is no point getting upset by it. I know there are sites like MeWe etc which claim impartiality, and I will keep an eye on these to see if they take off. However, who’s to say if they do challenge the big boys that they don’t start doing the exact same things.

Blog, down to around 20k views a month:

Facebook group, 10k members:

Sub Reddit, 8.5k members:

Instagram, 4.1k followers:

Twitter, 1.7k followers:

Facebook page, 1.1k followers:

Strava Club, 269 members:

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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