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Ketogenic Diet: Simply Keto – Thai Green Curry

I love Thai Curries. I spent a few months travelling around Thailand when I was younger, it is a wonderfully strange place. I tell you what as well, there isn’t many overweight Thai people. Yet their food is really satisfying, fresh and tasty. Like all good Keto recipes, […]

2XU Compression Calf Guards – review

Rating – 85% Summary Mid Range Price Well established brand Excellent fit Company Website Link – Cost – £29.75 on 29th September 2016 from the Direct Sports, yes it is Direct Sports and not the Mr Ashley’s Sports Direct (for the UK readers). Fit – Great […]

Kombucha – the first batch

My first batch of Kombucha is ready, and to quote Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace….YIPEE!!!! For those that don’t know, Kombucha is fermented sweet tea. Sounds weird I know, but I am brewing it for its health benefits. So I figured even if it tasted horrible, I […]