The Wall Ultra – Training week 13


The Wall is an Ultramarathon. 69 miles from Carlisle to Gateshead, UK. Race is June 2021.

The training continues.

Training Week 13

Whoop whoop my virtual London Marathon t-shirt and medal have finally arrived. The medal is massive, the bigger the better in my eyes. Love it.

My calf was a little sore after my run last Sunday. So I decided to take advantage of the fact this was the last week before the clocks went forward, meaning I had a bit of time after work before it got dark. So got 3 rides in during the week.

I could have ran by Wednesday or Thursday, but riding instead of running was definitely the sensible thing to do. As it meant I was ship shape for my weekend long run on Saturday.

I woke up a bit beat up on Sunday, just felt sore all over. Luckily we already planned to get a bit of active recovery in. We went for a 4 mile walk around Allen Banks which is part of the National Trust, UK. It is a hilly river walk, and a perfect place for a camp stove coffee. The Princesses got pitted, and were raging that we had to bath them when we got back. They were also raging because they presumed we fed them a hour late!

The more I walked the more my joints were oiled, and I will wake up feeling better on Monday than if I had done nothing today.

My new head torch arrived a couple of days ago, so all ready for some winter running, I could probably do with a windproof jacket and trousers, but that might have to wait for a month or so. As I have realised some brands are expensive for a reason… aka they produce good stuff that lasts. So I have stopped trying to get stuff on the cheap.


Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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