The Wall Ultra 2021 – Training Week 14


The Wall is an Ultramarathon. 69 miles from Carlisle to Gateshead, UK.

Race is June 2021.

The training continues.

Week 14

Without thinking to much about what I have done this week, I would have said I hadn’t done much because of The Wife haha. We train together you see, but she has had a niggle in the butt (snigger snigger) which got worse this week. However, we are doing the Virtual RUNLEJOG challenge and there is only a month to go, so she cant not walk or run. Therefore, we switched to walking for the most but I got some runs in on top of that.

All said and done I still got in 25 miles of running, and around 25 miles of walking too. So, actually it was a pretty active week all in all.


First test of my new headtorch, it was pretty funny actually running in the woods with The Wife. I am pretty happy with the lumen of the torch, did not fit great on my head though. I was stuck between using my cap on or off. Both had their pros and cons. This was the last run The Wife did this week.


Just another usual 4 mile ish after work run. These are my mid week standards, especially during the winter. I just stuck to the town paths this time around though, so no headtorch needed.


This 17 miler is a really easy trail loop from my home town. I used to do this loop a lot when training for my Bournemouth and Loch Ness Marathons. But I am used to running it with The Wife now. So running it again by myself was a little unusual. So I just stuck a Hardcore History Podcast on about Alexander the Great’s mother, and got the miles done.

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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