World Carnivore Month – Brain Fog – Day 22


Brain Fog

Nearly all people report to me some form of mental health boost.

Anxiety and Depression reversal are the big noticable wins that people can quantify better.

But something that is harder to quantify is people say they notice a better mental clarity, by which they usually mean they were suffering from some form of brain fog.

Which they might never have even realised they had, but they sure realise when if it comes back later after a cheat day.

When you tell someone about the carnivore diet, a lot will have no clue what it is, some will say its dangerous, some will dismiss it and say oh you can lose weight on all diets… all you are doing it restricting calories.

What these people don’t know and usually don’t care to find out, is the whole range of benefits eating a species appropriate diet brings.

And yes your brain can work better, is it any shock that if you eat food that has everything you need, and nothing it doesn’t… that you might improve your brain health? It’s not surprising to me.

If you are interested in all the stories people have shared on my blog regarding mental clarity and mood, then please see them here –

Cassie “Another favourite thing that’s happened since going carnivore is that my mood is so much more stable.  I don’t get worked up over anything anymore. I’m able to look at a situation and evaluate my options rather than lashing out.”

Robyn “I can now focus on work tasks more intently for long periods of time w/out distraction.  Before, when eating a carb heavy diet, my blood sugar would do roller coasters throughout the day and I would become hypoglycemic, shaky and anxious (would need to eat every 3 hours).  My blood sugar now stays constant throughout the entire day.   I have also experienced mental benefits in that I now get these ideas in my head that I can do/accomplish almost anything I want to – – if I decide I want it.  I think this may be attributed to an increase in testosterone (increased confidence & reduced anxiety).”

Jayvee “Mental clarity. You know when they say that your brain is lit? I felt that. Carnivore with fasting made me dig deeper to self awareness.”

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

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