World Carnivore Month – Fat Loss and Lean Muscle – Day 21


Fat Loss and Lean Muscle

I think 99.9% of people who have done carnivore for more than 3 months, will report a much improved body composition than when they started.

It is almost a given that you will look better in a shirt or dress, than you did previously.

Most people will drop body fat % and increase lean muscle… or they have decreased fat and maintained the muscle they had so still appear more muscular.

Regardless, you will look better in the mirror and be happier in your own skin.

The great thing is it is so easy.

You can do no exercise and eat steak and look better than most people on the street.

If you want to look really good, you can add in the weights and cardio for sure.

Its that simple.

Problem is there is no money to be made from such simplicity.

Here is a challenge for you, if you have done well on carnivore, and know someone that could really benefit from a little push in the right direction. Then share this post with them, without hurting their feelings obviously.

Then they can read about lots and lots of people that have lost fat and built muscle here –

Dylan & Andrea “We have both experienced body composition improvements on the Carnivore diet. We have both gained weight but it seems to be almost all muscle. Some say that you gain body mass in the form of bone density, etc. This could be. All we know is that we gained, but it does not seem to be fat.”

Kris “I have had Eczema for years and have never been able to calm it.  I have tried creams, lotions, scrubs, oils, diets, etc., and nothing worked.  While I was Vegan and Keto, it was still the same, no change.  It wasn’t until I cut the vegetables out of my diet that it went away completely.  To this day, I have no Eczema!  Also, I have so much more energy, and I’ve been able to build muscle!  After my workouts, I’m not as sore for as long!  I genuinely just feel better all around, with a huge improvement in my anxiety too!”

Bronson “I  went from 17% body fat to 9.5%. Overall I’ve gained a few pounds of muscle. My testosterone has increased. My LDL numbers all got better. My Inflammation markers have stayed good. My bathroom experience has been a life-changing experience. No muss, no fuss. I’m able to workout 2-3 days more per week than I was before. My recovery time is greatly reduced. I’m able to get more training in the same amount of time. This plus less body fat, and more muscle has contributed to many, many new personal records in strength and high-intensity workouts.”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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