World Carnivore Month – Migraines – Day 23



Honestly, I have never had a migraine so I have no clue how bad they are… and whenever people take a sick day from work with one I just presume they are faking it for a day off.

Which I bet is true for a lot of occasions, but for people who do legit get migraines I defo feel sorry for you.

They sound absolutely brutal.

Most of my headaches are booze related and they are bad enough haha.

Not only are migraines annoying, they can be dangerous… if one manifests when you are driving home for example. And they can be associated with things like strokes and meningitis.

Migraines are another one of the seemingly random ailments people can get. Where it is just one of those things, and you are just unlucky.

Something I would have accepted a few years ago, but now I believe nearly all diseases and ailments are your fault.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it.

The modern day standard western diet, and a far more sedentary life and work style is a perfect breeding ground for “random” diseases.

The problem is it is all very muddy and it is hard to know when and where things started to go wrong and why.

But what happens when your laptop is buggered?

You hit the factory reset.

And I think that is what the carnivore diet is to a lot of people, it is the fastest and easiest way to default to true human health.

Which is why people who have had ailments like regular migraines never get them again, unless they forget how bad migraines were, so their diet slips back to the old ways…

And the migraines return!

Here are some of the migraine carnivore diet success stories on my blog –

Christine “From the first week I was less tired and had less joint pain. A big relief because pain everyday, starts to make you so damn tired. My migraines never came back and after stopping eating greens and vegetables my intestinal pains were gone as well. Both things I had from birth. I had a lot of issues because of lyme disease and was nearly at a point I couldn’t walk anymore. I couldn’t lift things and even brushing my teeth became painful. In a few weeks after I started carnivore I felt better and after a couple of months I got even more energy back. I had no trouble sleeping, no joint pains, no migraines and no eczema.”

Sonja “Some days I couldn’t get out of bed because my body hurt so badly. So…at 51 I was suffering from chronic fatigue, chronic joint pain, migraines, insomnia, inflammation, bloating and gas after every meal, and severe hair loss! I started to realize it was not just old age. I was getting sicker by the day. I have completely healed all of my symptoms. Although admittedly, when I indulge in dessert, my stomach gets very upset with me!” 

Michele “I have lost over 30 pounds.  My skin has cleared up.  My anxiety and depression have diminished significantly.  I have more control over my cravings especially since giving up artificial sweeteners.  I am more in tune with my hunger and satiety signals.  I am losing fat in stubborn areas.  My outlook on life in general has improved.  My energy has increased dramatically.  Fewer migraines.  Inflammation has decreased.”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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