World Carnivore Month 2021 – Teeth – Day 20



I don’t think it is particularly controversial to suggest that the Carnivore Diet can improve tooth heath, or at least stop the progression of dental disease.

It just seems logical.

It is a low sugar diet, and surely everyone understands the harmful effect of sugar on teeth.

Then you have no other harmful antioxidants and oxalates causing havoc.

Finally, the carnivore diet provides all the nutrition you need to build healthy teeth and gums.

I have always had strong teeth and have never had any issues with them, so I cannot say if they have improved on carnivore… they certainly haven’t declined and I haven’t got scurvy or anything stupid like that.

Weston A. Price is a great resource for tooth health if people want to check the books out. Where he showed people on traditional diets had great tooth health, as soon as they went onto a standard western diet… bad things would start to happen.

Check out these carnivore diet success stories regarding tooth health…

Selina “I also used to have pain in my teeth daily, again carnivore has stopped all that.”

David “Dental care is a big one too on this diet. Much easier to maintain and better for your teeth. I don’t have any more sugar and carb plaque all over.”

Natalie “Hypothyroidism (medicated for 14 years), non alcoholic fatty liver, scalp eczema, rashes, itchiness, allergies, insomnia, joint pain, amenorrhea, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, nutrient deficiencies, hair loss, water retention, restless leg syndrome, extreme teeth sensitivity and receding gums, very low energy and vitality, lack of memory and concentration, lack of physical strength, inability to deal with stress, foggy mind, often depressed. All these conditions left my body and became the past!”

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