World Carnivore Month 2021 – Joint Pain – Day 19


Joint Pain

There are many reasons why you might suffer joint pain, for example because of an injury, repetitive stress, or arthritis.

It can be mild, seasonal, but it also can be chronic and debilitating.

I did a post regarding chronic inflammation yesterday, and I have a feeling the are inextricably linked.

Especially if you believe that a diet filled will sugar, grains, and seed oils are problematic.

What if this chronic inflammation naturally settled in weak areas, like areas filled with scar tissue in the knee or ankle for instance.

What if changing your diet would reduce the “pooling” of this inflammation in weak areas, meaning at least you could find relief and at best you would begin to heal.

I think that is what happened with me. My ankles are a weak point, and inflammation would pool here, and for 10 years I had stiff ankles every morning.

2 weeks later on carnivore no stiff ankles.

2 weeks isn’t long enough for structural weaknesses and scar tissue to heal. So, it is likely it was the inflammation that caused the stiffness. Not having the inflammation there meant it feels like my ankles have healed but I don’t think they have in the strictest sense of the word. As I bet if I ate too much crap the stiffness would soon return.

I am not the only on who has seen relief from joint pain, check the stories out here –

Corey “Benefits I have seen on the Carnivore Diet include mental clarity, increased focus and attention, increased testosterone, more happy, decreased joint pain, and improved athletic performance (strength and endurance)”

Jacquie “Carnivore also fixed my relationship with food and healed my struggles with Bulimia and disordered eating and over-exercising to compensate for overeating on ‘bad’ foods. Weight loss, Clear skin, deep/better sleep, knee pain gone, Strong hair, skin and nails, lean muscle definition and abs, improved workouts, reversed my depression and the list really goes on and on.”

Emanuel “That’s a great question! Where do I begin? Reduces inflammation in my joints, increased strength, muscle gain, fat loss, more endurance, more focus, I feel mentally better, no more signs of depression nor anxiety, libido went up, I am more productive and I am a better husband and father as a result! Oh and no cravings! Even if my wife is beside me eating ice cream I still don’t get craving which had always been my downfall.”

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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