World Carnivore Month – Inflammation – Day 18



Inflammation is a great defensive method for you body, if you twist your ankle it will swell up. This might be annoying but your body is protecting itself to then allow healing.

Your body has many defensive strategies like this. The problem is if you are harming your body on a daily basis, then you will have chronic inflammation which is always there. One of the ways you can harm your body on a daily basis is through something most people do everyday… eating.

If you have a diet filled with sugar and vegetable seed oils you are stressing your body everyday.

Luckily a change in diet will quickly and easily reduce, and then reverse inflammation issues.

Just remember everything you eat either helps you or harms you.

So choose wisely, because where every single chronic disease is found, inflammation is found right there too.

Check out my carnivore diet success stories on inflammation here –

David “In 10 months I have lost almost 140 lbs, reversed a number of inflammatory conditions including Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and vastly improved my mental health. “

Kristina “I sleep Soooo good while eating this way! I have way more energy, less inflammation, and a healthy BMI. Also like I mentioned before, I  was breastfeeding when I started carnivore and I had absolutely zero issues breastfeeding and I felt satiated which can be hard for breastfeeding moms.”

Zach “I’m from Texas and have been eating a strict carnivore diet since October 2019 in an attempt to heal my autoimmune disease. In 2015, I survived multiple daily heart attacks and triple-bypass open heart surgery at the age of 23, caused by inflammation and 95-99% blockage of my coronary arteries.”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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