World Carnivore Month – IBS – Day 17


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Basically it is digestive distress, with symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, and cramps.

It can just manifest occasionally or chronically.

The NHS helpfully states there is no cure, and no exact cause, but it is probably just something that causes the food to pass too fast or too slow through your digestive system.

Cheers NHS UK…

If you report possible IBS problems to your doctor, here in the UK you will probably get a Coeliac disease blood test or you will get your poop tested for IDB and infections.

And too be fair the NHS do make a point of stressing diet and lifestyle changes will be needed. And their dietary advice isn’t too bad, but it could be a lot better.

Most digestive issues seem to happen in the Large intestine, so I think if you ate food that digested mainly in the stomach and small intestine then you would be less likley to suffer from digestive diseases like IBS.

I have a fair few carnivore diet success stories on IBS and IBD, you can read them all here –

Rebekah “I am an overcomer of over ten autoimmune diseases, chronic lyme disease, chronic c-diff, multiple mood disorders, IBS, IBD, diverticulitis, and more.”

Ralph “The main benefit I have experienced is an improvement in my IBS symptoms. My digestion has improved tremendously and going strict carnivore for 6 weeks helped me pin-point a lot of food triggers that I wasn’t aware of. I would say I’m about 90-95% Carnivore, but I also throw in what I can tolerate now such as avocado, cucumber, and some berries – but this isn’t daily. I also used to have issues with satiety and would use fiber/veggies as a means to “fill myself up.” I didn’t realize how much proper protein/fat intake would be more useful for that instead of filling up on fiber (which made my IBS symptoms WORSE).”

Kirsty “As a past competitor in the fitness industry I have tried every diet out there and seem to have also incorporated every type of supplement and short cut possible to get lean, build muscle etc. What I realized was I was really my most unhealthiest version on myself with ulcers in my 20’s, diagnosed with IBS, Diagnosed autoimmune disorder, back surgery,  showing up in emerge with a large intestinal blockage to find out that there is no cure! How’s this possible when I’m eating so “healthy”? It was when the only option was surgery I was told to try a strict elimination diet. This is when I did some research and decided to go on a Strict Carnivore way of eating.”

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