World Carnivore Month 2021 – Hair – Day 16



Whilst I am a member of the brotherhood of the bald, I do have hair and whilst I cannot claim any has grown back I can definitely state that the hair I do have grows quicker.

I do not think my hair has receded any more in the last few years, and I do have to shave my head more often. Before carnivore I could just shave it once a week and it would still be short. If I wanted to keep a really tight cut nowadays I would probably have to shave it 2 or 3 times a week.

The Wife also said the last time she went in for a hair cut, the hairdresser couldn’t believe how many inches had grow since the previous appointment.

There is no magic here, there are just a few general pieces of logic which you can follow down the Carnivore is good for Hair path!

Firstly it is a nutrient dense diet so your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

If you are protein and nutrient deficient like a lot of people are on various versions of the standard western diet, then hair growth and quality will suffer. In a deficient state your body will prioritise primary systems, which your hair is not.

Regardless of if you follow a high protein carnivore diet like a protein sparing modified fast, or you eat at the low end like Paleo Medicina… you will still be consuming a lot more essential amino acids than basically any other diet around. So you will have more than enough building blocks for your primary systems, meaning there is plenty left over for secondary functions like hair.

Then finally just simple general health. The carnivore diet puts you into a general state of well-being, you will likely have lost weight and reduced inflammation… so you are much more likely to have healthy hair too.

If you would like to check out some carnivore diet success stories, you can check them out here –

Leigh “My hair is so thick now! I actually recently shaved it off because I want to grow it out natural and undyed. So far it’s thicker than ever and I cannot wait to see how it looks when it is long again!”

Kimberly “I can go hours and hours without eating and be totally fine (I have developed a natural 16:8 fasting pattern), I am as lean as I have ever been, and my strength gains are out of control. My cystic acne is gone, my hair and nails are thicker, and my skins feels softer and smoother. I’ve found that my unreasonable sugar cravings completely abated after a week, and I am totally satisfied by what I eat. My husband reports very similar improvements!”

River “As a vegan I was always battling fatigue. My hair doesn’t break or split at the ends anymore. My fingernails are strong and sharp… they used to be so brittle and I was so anxious I’d always pick them off to be so short. My skin has cleared up, and I actually tan in the sun instead of burn. I don’t have bags under my eyes anymore. My lips are never chapped… I’ve gained a healthy amount of weight back.”

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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