World Carnivore Month 2021 – High Blood Pressure – Day 15


High Blood Pressure

Otherwise known as hypertension.

Chronic hypertension is associated with increased risk of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, aneurysms, kidney disease, and vascular dementia.

The numbers

This is truly shocking in my opinion.

1.13 billion people have high blood pressure… that is insane!

1 in 4 men.

1 in 5 women.

Considering what it can lead to and how easy it is to resolve, the numbers are very disheartening.


The NHS are meant to tell you to change your lifestyle and if that doesn’t work you will be given drugs.

From what I have heard from people around me, a cursory mention of lifestyle will be made, but the drugs will be dished out pretty quick.


Our glorious NHS in the UK. Say the following will increase your risk of high blood pressure: being overweight, not exercising enough, too much coffee and booze, smoking, and been over 65.

Laughably they also state a diet too high in salt, and too low in fruit and veg.

Huge eye roll moment.

Carnivore Diet vs Hypertension

Well the carnivore diet is usually high in salt, and definitly low in fruit and veg.

So carnivores should be walking around with high blood pressure right?


In fact I have numerous stories where poeple have resolved their high blood pressure issues with carnivore.

Check them out here –

Liv “I was learning about mineral balancing from Morley Robbins and have studied with him for 3 years. I have also studied nutrition alongside my other studies. I have healed myself with what I have learned from him and the Carnivore diet from; Hypothyroidism. Insulin resistance. Estrogen dominance. Periodontitis. High blood Pressure. Brain Fog. Adrenal Fatigue.”

Tracy “My b/p which was extremely high at one point (220/120) has now stabilized. I was able to eliminate my b/p medicines along my journey but couldn’t stop that last pill until carnivore. Within the first 3 months, my b/p began dropping and I was able to cut the pill in half, then in fourths, etc. It was miraculous in my eyes!”

Amber “2 years into keto, I was off all but one BP medication, Nexium, and I was no longer pre-diabetic. My rosacea had cleared somewhat and my digestive issues were greatly improved. I met a friend who is a big advocate of carnivore and kept saying I should give it a try to see if I could heal the rest of the way. I figured why not give it a go and see what happens. Plus, then I’d be able to talk from experience and have personal knowledge of the whole low carb spectrum. I could help even more people.”

If you have a carnivore diet success story on high blood pressure, then I would love to here it.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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