Meat Up: 1 year later – with Lynn


Interview with Lynn

Lynn has done a carnivore diet success story for me, and this is her meat up post.

1) How would you currently describe your current way of eating. 

 I started Carnivore eating over a year ago.  For the most part, I eat meat, but I have had real life challenges, taking care of an ailing father with Parkinson’s who has weird diet issues and the stress of it has left me doing a lot of cheating.  I’ve had other stressors as well; besides the virus we are all battling.  Knock on wood, none of us have come down with that.  The difference in my eating is, though, that I eat just meat in between cheating.  Where before if I went off a diet of any sort, I would eat a lot of carbs for quite a while and then try to start watching it.  In this case, most of the time, I am eating meat even if I add in something like pop or ice cream.  My main diet consists of ribeyes mostly, but all meat: chicken, shrimp, salmon, pork, some chicken liver at times, oysters on occasion, eggs, some limited cheese. Bacon, of course. I cook mostly with bacon grease and lard.  Grass fed butter. Over the summer, I also added in some keto type vegetables out of the garden like tomatoes, herbs, peppers, etc.  But not that often. So, a bit of the time, I ate keto.  The difference, though, is that I always went right back to carnivore in between lapses. And didn’t stay long eating poorly.

2) What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

I would say the biggest thing I’ve learned is that I don’t feel very good when I cheat.  And I’ve gained about 6-7 pounds, but I’d say I also have maintained more muscle – my protein levels are higher – so I don’t feel as flabby.  And though I don’t tend toward belly fat, I’d say I’m firmer. Of course, I’m older all the time, 65 now, but I did not get as out of shape from cheating/lack of exercise as I have in the past.  And I would have gained a lot more than 7 pounds or so as well.  What is really interesting is if I eat just carnivore, within a day or two, I’ll get feelings of euphoria and there is NO other explanation for that since my life is a stressful disaster on every front.

3) What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year. 

I haven’t had my bloodwork done in some time, due in Jan, so not sure how that has been affected by some cheating.  But the setbacks have been very stressful life situations and not so much directly diet related.  When I cheat, I do worse on all counts.

4) What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead.

My goals are to get back to eating mostly carnivore with a few keto vegetables thrown in and no sugar like I’ve been doing off and on.  I do believe some keto type veggies in the summer are a nice break, I love to garden, and the garden fare probably gives us a few nutrients we might be missing. Though I definitely feel better strict carnivore.  I am hoping to get back to some high intensity exercise, some whole-body weight workouts and most of all yoga, which would definitely help with the stress.

5) Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

I have auto-immune Hashimotos thyroid issues and it seems auto-immune people really benefit from carnivore in particular, but I also think it affects body composition a lot and all people would have good results.  As well as a good mental health response. I am 6-7 pounds heavier than when I first posted here, but not sure I can’t keep a few more pounds as I get better on my diet due to more muscle.  I wish everyone good travels on their carnivore journey.  I am a literary writer, so my blog covers fiction, politics, carnivore diet information, recipes, and much more.  I’m working on a woodfire carnivore memoir/cookbook which will be sold on my website and through Parler.  I’ve had university presses in the past, but will skip them for this project.  I’m also working a time/synchronicity/Jung/Einstein fantasy novel I hope to have done within a year.  Good luck to you all.  I’m attaching a couple pictures, such as they are — my father has had some set-backs, so didn’t have too much time to do a better job with them.  Not too much belly fat for an old woman, eh?   Cheers, folks.  Find me here:

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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