Running, to run The Wall Ultramarathon 2021: Nutrition – initial thoughts

I don’t presume to know anything about ultra training and race day nutrition. I am an expert on watching ultras on youtube though haha.

So my nutrition will evolve as I learn, and as my training ramps up. However I do have dietary beliefs, which I will be unlikely to stray to far from.

My current rough outline is that I will stay on my version of the Carnivore Diet, especially during the week. As these days will be rest days or lower mileage days. On race day and my long weekend runs, I will be experimenting with food a bit more. More KetoCarnivore than strict carnivore perhaps, but certainly still in the low carb realm.

You will not see me messing around with carb loading or energy gels. I just do not think it is necessary for my level of running. Also by Keto I don’t mean I will be eating spinach and broccoli, but I will probably bring in some dried fruit bars etc for ease. I will also be manipulating my fat intake for body composition and energy levels. So I have started to make a list of all the most common meals I have, and what their Protein Energy score is. This will help me target certain foods at certain times. For a 40 year old normal person, I am in pretty good shape and I am happy with what I look like at the minute. However, for an ultramarathon runner I am overweight. So if at points in my training I need to lose weight, then I will bring in some leaner meats. If I feel like I am lacking a bit of energy or if I have a tough training block coming up, then I could eat fattier cuts of meat.

I think I will have to get used to eating little and often whilst running. So currently on my training runs, I will eat something on the hour every hour I am running. This is because when I get hungry I will just eat anything and I will eat too much of it. So on race day if I get too hungry I could make bad decisions at a pitstop aid station and suffer the consequences. So I will probably be taking a lot of my own food on race day.

So last Saturday for example I did a halfmarathon. I could have easily done it completely fasted, however, I did it with an ultramarathon mindset. 1 hour in I ate a Prime Beef bar, hour 2 I had a raw fruit and nut bar which was just prunes and cashew nuts with no added crap, then when the halfy finished I had a salami stick. All the food settled well, I had no digestive stress and my energy was good, but like I say it was just a halfy.

I am  looking forward to learning more about low carb ultra nutrition, but all the learning will be N=1 rather than copying others.

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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