Running, to run The Wall 2021

So I have signed up for The Wall Ultra in June 2021. A 69 mile ultra going from Carlisle to Gateshead Millennium bridge, touching base with Hadrian’s Wall along the way. There was a 2 day option, and I struggled to decide what to do. However, I have opted to try to do it in 1 day.

The logic being, it might be best to suffer all the pain in one go rather than spread it out over 2 days haha.


I will document my journey on this blog. Showing how far I am running each week, what recover practises I am using, and reviewing what gear I am wearing.

This is my first Ultra, so I don’t really know what I am doing but I have a rough idea. Mainly just increasing distance and volume in a sensible manner to avoid injuries. I will also do the race and training in some form of minimalist/barefoot shoes, and I will eat some form of a loose Carnivore Diet throughout.

Apart from those things, I will be flexible.

Remember if you do not do anything new, then nothing new will happen.








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