Meat Up: 1 year later with Aimee

Meat Up with Aimee

1) How would you currently describe your current way of eating.

I started carnivore on November 12, 2018. I have remained carnivore for this whole time of 584 days or 19 months. Right now I do drink decaf coffee and use stevia. That’s the only non-carnivore items I use. I eat a relatively high fat diet, eggs and bacon for breakfast, usually a burger and bacon or half a steak at lunch and scrambled eggs and sausage for supper. I enjoy eating 3 smallish meals a day. Currently I am not including any dairy in my way of eating even though I miss it, I do better without it.

I will add that I have a plan in place to start a Clean Carnivore Challenge on July 1st that will entail eating only fatty beef and maybe lamb or only ruminant animals. I’ve offered the challenge to other type one diabetics who want to see further healing, possibly be able to take less insulin. On this Clean Carnivore I’ll be dropping any coffee, stevia or eggs and no bacon or pork. It will probably end up being beef only.

2) What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

This second question, what have you learned about nutrition in the past year, has really stumped me. I’ve finally realized that, for the most part, health depends on what you don’t eat maybe more than what you do eat! Eating zero carbs has greatly improved my health. No grains, no vegetables, no plant food. Obviously including adequate protein and fat improved health tremendously.  Health does not depend on how many supplements you take!

3. What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year.

Health and fitness since a year ago. I continue to feel really good. I have better stamina with energy throughout the day. Since I quit dairy and mostly butter my blood sugars have been better and easier to manage.

4. What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead.

Health and fitness goals in the coming year. I’m hoping to continue to create wellness in the coming year. On July 1, I am starting a Clean Carnivore Challenge, which limits my diet to only beef and beef fat to encourage more healing. I am hoping to lessen my dependence on injected insulin. I already take very small doses of insulin since being keto and then carnivore, but by excluding all foods that may be causing inflammation in any way such as eggs, bacon, coffee or stevia, I’m hoping to greatly reduce my insulin doses, maybe even to zero! I also hope to improve the dupuytren contracture in my fingers with this Clean Carnivore, I have high hopes.

5. Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

I continue to be inspired by this diet, I absolutely love the food and I’m looking forward to making the changes and watching my progress. You can watch my progress on FB @Aimee Fields Perrin and on Instagram @aimeefieldsperrin and @cleancarnivorechallenge and read my blogs at I have a group of type one diabetics who are taking part in this Clean Carnivore Challenge for the month of July and possibly beyond. We already have 2 T1 Diabetics who have been able to discontinue their injected insulin. We will continue to stay in touch on FB messenger and the Instagram account. Please let me know if you would like to join the challenge!

I answer all my DM’s on Instagram I’d love to hear from you!

The original Carnivore Diet success story is here

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