Weekly Workouts: 29th June – 5th July 2020

Target for the week: minimum of 19 miles of running over 4 days. Then bike rides and/or dog walks for active recovery.


A nice 4.5 mile dog walk in the morning. It was a little windy but warmish, hoodie weather basically. I was a little stiff in the legs generally, after the 2 weekend 10k’s. So the walk was nice to loosen them up a bit. Then a recovery run of 3 miles on the night. Legs were still heavy. Not too bad though.


Another early morning 4.5 mile walk. Feel recovered, and ready for more runs later in the week. Then just a cheeky 2 mile walk after work. Dog walks count towards my #runlejog2020 virtual challenge, so that is a bonus. I also got in a 120 push ups during the day.

Food – cold meat platter, pork chops, and gammon & pineapple.


Started the day with a 4.5 mile run. It took me a while to warm up. I had a nagging soreness down the right side of my right shin, which was ok by the end of the run. I also had a tight right butt cheek. Plus my lower back is a bit sore in general. This is probably due to the Anatomy In Motion exercises I am doing to help with my posture issues. This all sounds like I am a broken mess, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds haha. It was actually an enjoyable start to the day. I did 140 push ups throughout the day too.

Food – bacon & eggs, pork belly, steak & eggs.


Another 4.5 mile run, to start the day. Felt good apart from the muscle down the right side of my shin is still a little sore. Starts off sore, especially as generally all the runs around my home town begins with an uphill section. The soreness subsides as I warm up, and as the route becomes more undulating. I am not worried about this soreness as it isn’t that painful, and I have had it before in marathon training. It generally passes, plus it only happens on concrete. It doesn’t hurt when I run trails. Finished the day off with a 2 mile dog walk.

Food – bacon & eggs, lamb chops, steak & eggs.


Today was always going to be a chill day, but I was going to do a 6 mile bike ride in the morning for some active recovery. However, it was raining. So I sacked that off haha. Finished the day off with a 2 mile dog walk after work.

Food – cold meat platter, meatza, chilli.


Tough day today. A 10 mile run, and a 4.5 mile dog walk. The run went well as it was on trails. So the issues I had with my shins wasn’t really a problem, although they started out a little tender for the first couple of miles. We took it really easily though, and I did wear some compression gear to preempt any issues. I had a cold bath afterwards too, to try to limit any inflammation after.


45 mile an hour winds all day. So basically I did nothing apart from a short dog walk. It was too wild to do any decent walking. Therefore a really enjoyable day of rest.

Food – eggs & bacon & sausage, chicken thighs, lamb chops.

The Wife joined me on all the fitness ridiculousness. Having a workout partner is definitely helpful, and is even better if they are of a similar standard.

The run on Saturday ensured we completed our first virtual race. The Great Run Solo. Which was to do 100k in 28 days. We completed it in 20 days, and I logged our KM so the medals are on the way. I will continue to log for the remaining 8 days though, just to see how many KM we end up doing in the 28 days.

Overall I ran 22 miles this week, which was more than my target of 19 miles.

Virtual Runs:
#greatrunsolo 113.99/100 km, day 20/28.
#greatnorthrunsolo 5/40 runs in 7/78 days.
#runlejog2020 141.14/874 miles, day 20/168.
Easy way to find all my media: linktr.ee/ketogenicendurance


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