Interview with Molly


I guess I will start by introducing myself. My name is Molly and before I started Carnivore I never really had to worry about what I ate. I was never over weight. After having kids it all started to catch up with me. I tried so many different diets even weight loss pills and I lost a little bit of weight but nothing seemed to be working and I would just quit.

Eventually a friend of mine told me about keto. She was losing a bunch of weight so I figured hey why not let’s try this again. I have to. I was so unhappy with myself I just knew this had to be it. So I started keto. Lost a ton of weight about 20 lbs but got stuck in a long stall. I kept on going though.

Eventually through following so many different keto accounts on Instagram, I kept seeing a lot on the carnivore diet. Did some more research and thought well let’s give this a try.

My approach to starting was more “Dirty Carnivore” or what some call “Carnivore Keto”. I still ate dairy, used spices on the meat I ate, and always kept it simple.

Again I dropped a lot of weight. Lost another 23 lbs but this time I felt different. Better. I was almost never bloated and I lost weight faster than when on keto. I noticed how much leaner I was as well and just I don’t know BETTER.

My skin was clear as well I had more energy at the gym. I do work out by the way as much as I can. At least 3 times a week no less. It was just something I enjoyed incorporating into this lifestyle. I do Cardio as well as weightlifting.

My advice to anyone who is interested in trying Carnivore is to take that leap. It’s worth it and trust the process. It can get tough because you might think. How can I give up some of my favourite foods? But let me tell you that you can! Even If you do sneak in those cheat meals, that’s ok we all do it. Just make sure to get right back on track after and you will be just fine.

I do believe one day this diet will be part of a main stream diet as it is becoming more and more popular. The benefits are endless! I have never felt better and more confident in my life.

You can follow me on instagram @Carnivore_kutie and see my progress, tips, some of the food I eat as well as my full support. Support is so important and I made so many friends by reaching out to others on the same path and lifestyle that also played a huge role on my progress. The body can achieve anything that the mind believes. Keep pushing toward your goals and never give up.

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