World Carnivore Month – Ex Vegetarians – Day 31


Ex Vegetarians

If you are not eating meat, at least eat eggs and dairy… it might be the only thing stopping you from looking like a bobbled headed lollipop with weird eyes that are both sunken and popping out at the same time like a lot of the long term vegans look like.

But alas you might well end up with a lot of the issues vegans get.

So just eat some damn meat please haha.

You might not have to go all the way to the darkside and become a carnivore… but you might have too if you have abused your body for too long.

Here are some ex vegatarian / carnivore diet success stories I have on my blog –

Jacquie “The biggest thing for me is listening to my body and looking at Carnivore as a lifestyle not another ‘diet’. I mainly eat beef (lots of ground beef, NY strip) and just cheaper cuts of red meat. Most times I don’t tolerate dairy or eggs too well (which is so sad because cheese is SO good lol) but if it is at a party or if I am out etc. I may have some. I typically eat a higher protein to fat ratio and then will have higher fat days when I need them (where I’dd add bacon or crispy beef trimmings or ghee etc). I eat either once or twice a day and fast daily. Some days I can eat 3 or more lbs of meat other days I’m good with 1lb or may fast all day. I take beef liver capsules a couple times a week and salt my food. I am always so satisfied and satiated and what I crave is meat! My palette has completely changed.”

Kat “I chose to follow a nose-to-tail way of eating. My staples are any cut of beef (we invested in a local regeneratively raised 1/2 steer), either raw liver/raw kidney/heart, whole eggs or just raw egg yolks (we have our own chickens and access to local pasture raised eggs when needed), suet, and Redmond Real Salt. Occasionally I have raw Iberico Pork fat (from White Oak Pastures) or heritage pork (from our local farmer or White Oak Pastures) and salmon roe (we source it from Vital Choice). I also make broth weekly from the bones we have/leftover bones and chicken feet.”

Dale “I differ from others in that because I came from such a malnourished, underweight state I don’t do zero carb carnivore, although it’s what I definitely feel best on. I consume large amounts dairy and also eat honey. Now I’ve rebuilt my nutrient stores, reversed many negative health problems and got my vitality back I want to focus on weight gain. So milk, cheese, cream, yogurts and a little honey are great foods for achieving this. I eat nose to tail and mixture of raw, cooked and seared. Usually depends on my appetite and how good quality, tender or fresh the meat is.”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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