World Carnivore Month 2021 – Bloating – Day 30



Here is some shocking news, our glorious NHS hasn’t blamed meat for something.

They actually point out that beans, onions, broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower should be avoided if you are suffering from bloating.

I expected them to say bloating is just bad luck, take these pills… like they do for most other diseases.

Apparently 10% of people suffer from bloating in the western world.

So 10% of people are eating stuff they shouldn’t basically.

A lot of people tend to ignore the impact of diet on disease, but they cannot ignore it with bloating…

And it is funny that it is well known that a lot of the foods that are classed as “healthy” are the big causes of bloating. So, are they healthy? I don’t think they are!

Here are some carnivore diet success stories regarding bloating –

Angie “Digestion is great, The bloating is a thing of the past. I wake up with energy and feel rested everyday.  My hair and nails grow like crazy and my skin is showing signs of reversing the aging.”

Yuval “I’ve lost over 43Kg (about 95lbs) and I am at my lowest weight of my adult life. Also, I have a lot more energy, able to focus on my work and the things I love and I don’t think about food too often as I used to when I was a vegetarian or vegan. There is no bloat and hardly any gas on Carnivore, which is something I dealt with constantly as a vegetarian.”

Brian “The other thing I’ve noticed since giving up fiber in my diet, my guts are no longer chronically bloated.”

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One response to “World Carnivore Month 2021 – Bloating – Day 30”

  1. lynnfay73 Avatar

    Well, again, of course, so many people have allergies and/or auto-immune issues these days, probably caused, as you say by our recommended and erroneous food pyramid. Though I do have to point out that some people seem to thrive or live very long on a vegetarian diet, so this MAY not be the case for everyone. If you do your 23 and Me DNA health report, you’ll see that humans have three different muscle types. I have a power athlete (their term, not mine) type of muscle; there is one in between, and one longer, thinner type of muscle and build. It would seem if you have power muscles, you might need meat or more protein. I also have an extraordinary amount of Neanderthal–more than the general population–something that might predispose me to do worse with coronavirus (as well as being Type A which I am) than other people. They also think auto-immune people might do worse, though they did not mention Hashimotos in the list. INTERESTINGLY, this poorer outcome had something to do with the virus and CARBOHYDRATES. I should have saved that link for you. Not sure if that was National Geographic or what. Research that. So while one diet might not fit all, carnivore definitely is appropriate for many many people, and diet should never be legislated (you watch–the Nazis are in charge now–hopefully you are not in the US–though they seem to have taken over the world). But the latest study made it seem even more imperative that I not cheat on my diet with carbs right now. I have no other health risk factor than those listed. I am up about 8 pounds right now, but coming back down. Only weigh 129, though, so not too terrible. And little belly or visceral fat. I AM 65 though. And the rest of my numbers other than total cholesterol are great. Low triglycerides and glucose and high HDL, very high. Very low blood pressure. I see Dr. Mercola says to stick with butter rather than lard due to too much omega 6 which has been linked to poorer outcomes with the virus. I like to sear my meat. Can’t seem to eat it woobly. But I can use unsalted butter and not go TOO high with the heat. But I DO know as I’ve posted before that the better I am on the diet, the more I notice it when I cheat. But I think I’ve been scared into not cheating with the new strains on the way. Sorry, long story shorter, yes I was bloated and constipated and sick all the time eating all of the above, though I do really LIKE vegetables and miss them. Especially in spicy Thai food. I add in some lettuce, tomato and herbs in the summer for a bit, though I pay for it slightly. And I drink a little wine or rum or whiskey — feel much better when I don’t.


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