World Carnivore Month – Allergies – Day 26



Allergies are definitely real, I will not sit here and type that they don’t exist… as I know they do. A peanut allergy can kill you.

However, I do also have a suspicion that most allergies are just a sign that you are metabolically broken. In 2020 we have seen the world brought to its knees by a virus, that I would guess would be less of a problem if more people were metabolically healthy.

Do people get hayfever… yes!

Would they still have it if they stopped eating cornflakes at breakfast… maybe not!

If more people ate a species appropriate diet, then I do not believe allergies would be as prevalent as they are.

Allergies are basically a immune system response gone wrong and can lead to things like rashes, dermatitis, hives, and swollen eyes.

I myself used to suffer a lot from dark circles under my eyes, which I think was some sort of allergy. I also had some sort of allergy/heath issue when I was at Uni but looking back at it, it probably only manifested because I was studying, partying, and working in a pub through my Uni years. So I was probably run down, and stressed, which allowed things to manifest.

I have no such issues anymore, and I rarely have dark circles under my eyes now.

What I am saying is allergies can be awful, but maybe the way to treat them isn’t to focus on that potential allergen…

Maybe the way to treat it is to improve your general and metabolic health. So that your body is in a better place, and then it could maybe deal with that allergen itself.

I have a few carnivore diet success stories regarding allergies here –

Chris “I’ve lost 116 pounds so the freedom that brings is immeasurable. I cured my type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies and sleep apnoea.  I was on lots of medications and now I take none.  Improved energy and mental focus. I require less sleep.”

Desiree “I have seen COUNTLESS benefits! Increased energy, hair is no longer going grey, allergy symptoms and swelling in my lymph nodes gone, no more tachycardia episodes, vertigo gone, arthritic pain/carpal tunnel symptoms have disappeared, no weak and achy teeth and my skin has a natural glow! The most vain benefit of all, I have abs! I didn’t even know I could have such defined muscles.”

Natalie “Hypothyroidism (medicated for 14 years), non alcoholic fatty liver, scalp eczema, rashes, itchiness, allergies, insomnia, joint pain, amenorrhea, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, nutrient deficiencies, hair loss, water retention, restless leg syndrome, extreme teeth sensitivity and receding gums, very low energy and vitality, lack of memory and concentration, lack of physical strength, inability to deal with stress, foggy mind, often depressed. All these conditions left my body and became the past!”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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One response to “World Carnivore Month – Allergies – Day 26”

  1. lynnfay73 Avatar

    Well, this could be. I’ve had seasonal allergies all my life (and Hashimoto’s now). Could be a chicken/egg thing. Not sure which comes first, but if I’m allergic to lots of plants, they settle down when I don’t eat them and perhaps fix me metabolically. I’m not sure it’s the other way around, though, because I can be even more sensitive to plants when I haven’t eaten them in a while — something the Petersons talk about as well. I’m never certain if I’m missing a few nutrients but not sure they are all that beneficial if your body is reacting badly to them. I take a tiny bit of calcium with 5000IU vitamin D and magnesium most days. Cod liver oil, vitamin C, and if I have a glass of wine or much Tylonol, liver support with the NAC, but I don’t take these other ones every day. And carnivore diet. I would say I’ve noticed that the people who seem to show dramatic improvement on carnivore seem to be auto-immune folks. Perhaps if you were on it long enough, it would cure people with auto-immune things, but I tend to doubt it.


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