World Carnivore Month – ADHD – Day 25



I have already listed many people who have stated improvements in a range of mental health issues like Anxiety, Depression, and Brain fog.

The carnivore diet seems to help reverse physical disease, and also seems to be an important preventative measure…

But what cannot be ignored either is the mental improvements people report.

The mental side actually seems to improve quicker than the physical improvements.

And ADHD and ADD seem to be improved pretty quickly on carnivore.

Maybe it is a hormone thing, maybe your brain isn’t jacked up on sugar, maybe both.

What I do know is I would research every single thing I could do to help my condition before I took some very serious mind altering drugs such as methyphenidate, dexamfetamine, and guanfacine.

It always shocks me how easy people just accept pharmaceutical drugs like they are just vitamin pills or something. All these drugs are meant to impact your body in various ways, and that logically cant be good because if it is stopping something in the body you know your body is going to over or under compensate somewhere else.

Its a dangerous game, especially with mood changing drugs… in my opinion.

Check out my canrivore success stories on ADHD and ADD below:

Ruibo “I have celiac and had been gluten free for about a decade. Apart from that, I’d tried about every way of eating and supplementation out there in an attempt to hack my way to relief from lifelong depression, anxiety, and ADHD. From paleo to primal to plant-based and raw vegan, even a brief stupid stint as a fruitarian, I seriously tried it all. Right before I went full carnivore, I had been experimenting again with vegan/plant based, to my detriment.”

Katja “I lived with bipolar depression and anxiety starting at 12 years old. My symptoms got classed as severe and I kept developing additional degradation of my brain and body. I started getting ADHD as a young adult, developed Aspergers, my doctors thought I gone mad and did nothing to even get me a proper diagnosis.”

Megan “As I learned more and as I got more in tune with my food triggers and I found that keto was amazing for my ADHD and my other nagging ailments. I was learning so much about primal, paleo, keto it was amazing. I felt like with each podcast or book I read I would both understand more, yet have 100 more questions. I love getting lost in the rabbit holes.”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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