The Wall Ultra 2021 – Training Week 17


The Wall is an Ultramarathon. 69 miles from Carlisle to Gateshead, UK.

Race is June 2021.

The training continues.

Training Week 17

Had a lovely week and a productive week at that. Who would have thought that Ultramarathon training was a perfect lockdown pastime haha… but still Fuck You lockdown you bag of shite.

I actually ran 5 times this week which is not the norm for me, I usually aim for 4 times a week but probably often only hit 3 times a week. In my head as I get deeper into my ultra training, 5 times a week will be the norm hopefully.

The Wife got over her injury so started joining me on the 4 milers during the week, but didn’t feel comfortable trying my 18 miler at the weekend. So she did a 10 miler by herself.

But it was good to have her back for a bit, having a training partner is always handy.

All in all I ran 30 miles and walked 21 miles, not bad at all. But it is only the start really. Onwards and upwards.

Strava craic

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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