Meat Up: 1 year later with Alex

I love doing the Carnivore Diet Success Stories, I find it very rewarding to share peoples progress. So I am going to try to catch up with people once a year to see how they are getting on.

Will they all still be Carnivore, probably not. However, I believe they will have an appreciation of the benefits of a meat-heavy diet and will use that knowledge as a tool to further their health.

Interview with Alex

1) How would you currently describe your current way of eating. 

I would say its more of a vertical diet but still with a majority of my kcal from animals. Mostly rice and different meats.

2) What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

Within the last year my focus has been training rather than studying nutrition. But I always learn some nutrition here and there, for example I’ve learned the Vertical Diet’s ins and outs.

3) What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year. 

Since about 10 months ago my funds got smaller and I had to stop eating carnivore, I held on but I lost mass because I ate way to little. Since then my eyesight has become somewhat worse, my pain is worse, my anger easily takes over when I don’t have cannabis (have a prescription). But my body actually feels way better, I don’t wake up with both my shoulders subluxated which is awesome. I also have a way better self image, and I love what I see in the mirror when I’m not in anger.  But my mass gain has also made me snore at night.

4) What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead. 

I plan to compete at a local bodybuilding show at the end of the year or beginning of next, so my goal is to place top 3 in that competition.

5) Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

Nothing more to add, if you want to follow me my closed account is zerocarbalex. But if you cant handle some negativity ka.lundmark is the account to follow. That page is 99.9% free from my anger and personal problems.

Original Carnivore Diet success story is here

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