Meat Up: 1 year later with Me, Myself and I

I love doing the Carnivore Diet Success Stories, I find it very rewarding to share peoples progress. So I am going to try to catch up with people once a year to see how they are getting on. This fella was easy to catch up with, as I just had to email myself!

Interview with Me aka Ketogenic Endurance

1) How would you currently describe your current way of eating.

I follow what I have called the Contemporary Carnivore Diet, as a way to eat an ancient diet in modern times. I started Keto in January 2016, Carnivore in October 2017.

Monday to Friday I eat basically 4 things. 20% fat beef mince, bacon, raw egg yolks,  and homemade raw kefir. I usually have 3 cups of coffee a day with whole milk, and 1 to 2 litres of Snake Juice electrolyte water.

At the weekends I mix it up a bit. I will add in steaks, and joints, usually beef and lamb but sometimes Pork. I rarely eat Chicken or Organ meats.

I do drink alcohol, once or twice a week but I recognise it is not healthy in any amount. I just make a choice to have it. Usually red wine, beer or whisky.

Where I am less strict than others perhaps, is that when I have social occasions. I will eat whatever I want off the menu, and sometimes shock horror I have a dessert. To be fair I usually have an Irish Coffee for dessert, and if I can, I will order a steak but I will have the chips/fries that come with it. If I could afford to go into the restaurant and just order 3 steaks with nothing else, I would.

I didn’t find carnivore due to ill health, so I believe I am robust enough to handle the occasional restaurant meal. However, I do not think I need these cheats for the small amount of veg I have or the hormetic effect. Too me it is just a sub-optimal meal. The very next meal, I am back on the meat and I believe meat has everything I need.

These cheats are silly really, as I always feel best when I am strict. So in 2020 it is something I am going to look at and improve on.

2) What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

Keep it simple stupid.

Whatever version of Carnivore you believe in, it must fit into your life easily or else you will fall off the wagon.

I have done a lot of research over the last 4 years, and what I have learned, is that you do not need to know as much as I do! You can just eat meat and thrive. How beautiful is that?

Could you get another 5-10% of extra health by eating nose to tail, raw, PKD or whatever…. maybe.

I just don’t think most people need to get complicated with Carnivore. I feel great currently, so the extra effort in eating organ meats just doesn’t seem worth it. I have experimented with Liver both raw and cooked, and saw no noticeable improvements. If you do like organ meat, then definitely eat them as they are super nutritious. I just personally do not see any benefit currently. I am open to trying different versions of carnivore, but I just end up back at mince, steak, bacon, and eggs.

So basically whatever keeps you on Carnivore, do it.

Overall I think the Carnivore Community has done great things over the last year, and we should all be proud. People simply don’t have the time to wait around for 20 years, for the science to catch up. So I think we are all doing a good job in supporting each other and spreading information. As a community, I think we are occasionally stumbling into a few bad habits though, and a few tribes within tribes. We just need to remember that we are all on the same journey, so enjoy it and share your experiences but do not talk in absolutes. Or else you just sound a crank.

Going forward I am going to do what my website is designed to do.

  1. Highlight what an average dude like me can do eating healthily.
  2. Show what other people can do eating healthily.

It is all about the wisdom of the crowds, so I will help as much as I can in getting that wisdom out.

3) What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year.

I went to the gym regularly in 2019, I aimed for 3 times a week. I probably averaged 2.5 times a week haha.

I also spent a fair bit of time running. I ran some 5ks, 10ks, 10 milers and half marathons. The biggest achievement was probably doing the Loch Ness Marathon in October. I nearly never made the start line. For about 6 weeks before the Marathon, I started to struggle with a calf injury, and 2 weeks before it, I blew my calf out good and proper. So it was a Carnivore miracle that it healed in time.

The lack of training at the end and the mental second gear I ran in, cost me a good time. However, I loved the day and it is a beautiful marathon route, which I would recommend to anyone.

4) What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead.

I have so many goals that I have set myself, I will try to get a few of the below ticked off in 2020, however, a lot of them are more long term. Most of the goals are initial ones, which will lead to harder and harder targets. For example the Half Marathon PB, once I have achieved it. Then I will set a quicker one.


Full splits

Front splits

Suspension splits aka Van Damme style


Bench Press 1.5* body weight

Deadlift 2.5* body weight

Overhead press body weight

Press ups 50 in row

Press ups 100 a day for 30 days

Press ups one arm strict form

Pull ups 20 in a row

Pull ups one arm strict form

Squat 2* body weight

Visible Abs

10% body fat


Age group GB record in anything.

North East British masters 100m Track and Field race.

Run Half marathon PB 1:50

Run 5K PB 22 minutes

Run 10K PB 50 minutes

Run the Ullswater way

Run 520 miles in a calendar year.


Camp in Cornwall

Camp in Loch Lomond

Cold showers 30 day streak

Hike Helvellyn

Miracle Morning 30 day streak

48 hour fast

72 hour fast

5) Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

I have said it before and I will say it again. We only have one body, and it is criminal the way some people abuse it.

I don’t think we will ever get to the point where everyone is Carnivore, and I don’t think we need to get there either. However, I would like for more people to be aware of nutrition and what suits their body. People would be a lot happier and there would be less burden on healthcare. Which is especially important for the NHS in my country.

I believe our health is like an elastic band. The longer and harder you pull on it with a bad diet, the more likely it will snap and you will get a serious disease. The biggest kicker is you don’t know how big and thick your elastic band is. So it’s a risky game eating without due care.

Here is my Carnivore Diet Success Story from January 2019

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  1. neiger26 Avatar

    …do you eat cheese?


    1. ketogenicendurance Avatar

      Yes I do, sometimes a lot sometimes I don’t have any for ages depends


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