Keto/Carnivore Diet success stories – with Torrey

Life Story by Torrey



Greetings and first off I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to tell my story!

A little background on me.  I have always been active in sports since I was young but didn’t start my fitness journey until I was 21 and in college.  I was 140# skinny with a gut throughout high school, so once at college I made the decision to start working on building a better me so that I would feel confident without a shirt on.

Throughout the years I made gradual changes learning from magazines, the internet wasn’t what it is now back then lol, and help from friends in bodybuilding.  I trained in the bodybuilding style for 10-12 years and competed in the Men’s Physique division the first year it was added.

From there I tried out different styles of training and have competed in powerlifting, crossfit, OCR, along with training in long endurance activities as well.  I have been as high as 242#, and I am now at a level of leanness I maintain that’s healthy year round but it took years and I have continually educated myself for me and my clients.

I am an online coach now that has come from personal training and before that medical device sales, outside sales, and working at retail store in a management role. I continue to constantly work on improving myself and working on the goals I have set for myself.

To those just starting out or on your way remember that progression is never linear and there will be hurdles along the way, it’s life.  Learn from mistakes, struggles, and bumps in the road and use them as learning lessons and continue forward.  Doing things smart, healthy, and sustainable will lead to long term results so don’t look for shortcuts or magic pills.  Hard work, consistency, and enjoying the journey is what it’s all about.



As for nutrition I’ve pretty much done most ways of eating either to test out for myself or because I have clients that prefer or have certain beliefs and choose a certain style. I’ve gotten results on all but the differences were enjoy-ability, sustainability, and goals I had.

I decided to try Carnivore out mainly as an elimination type as I had never done one before so for the past three plus months I was mainly Carnivore with the exception of a few of my “normal meals”.  My main takeaways and positive things were:

Deeper sleep

Better mental focus throughout the day

Healthier skin

No midday crashes in energy

Stronger and faster growing skin/nails

No sugar cravings.

I’ve now began more of a Targeted Keto Diet (TKD) because although carbs aren’t as important for internal health as protein and fats are they are necessary for optimal performance.

I’ve noticed a big difference in adding 10-20g pre workout of fast digesting carbs and 15-30g intra workout for my performance across the board. I’ve also slowly started adding back in low FODMAP veggies I enjoy one by one to see which if any change my results I got without them.

I firmly believe we are each unique and building a nutrition plan around the foods we enjoy AND that don’t have health repercussions is the best. I believe getting in micronutrients from some plants is an overall solid approach. I have some meals that are mainly Carnivore and others where I add in some avocado, zucchini, peppers, broccoli, etc.  There isn’t one perfect way of eating for everyone it’s finding what works best for you, your health, and what you enjoy.  Balance is key not just in nutrition but life.


Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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  1. L. Macri Avatar
    L. Macri

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us, Ketogenic Endurance! How easy (or hard) was it for you to find a balance between eating as healthy as you can and a “normal” life (if life can be called normal)?


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