KetoCarnivore: Glen’s Journey Month 5

Spartan was amazing! It was tough (of course) but such a good atmosphere and such a great day out! It took us 4 hours to complete the 21km trail run and 30+ obstacles plus an additional 60 burpees for failing on a couple obstacles (30 burpees for each) But being out in the elements and getting in amongst it is awesome, such a great way to enjoy being fit & healthy! I might sign up to more of those, they’re just such a great day 🙂 My fuel for the day was Generation UCAN Superstarch & UCAN Electrolytes and Amino Water. I think I’m onto a winner there and will use the same fuel plan for the Sydney Marathon.

Goal: Sydney Marathon in September and get body fat below 10%

Plan: Strength exercises at 90% effort and running & cycling at 80% effort to ensure I can exercise every day. Change up workout every month.

Training: The weekend after Spartan I did a little 13km trail run on Mt Sugarloaf – it was excellent but when I got home I could barely walk (low back pain from trail shoes that don’t have enough support for my foot arches) That’s stuffed my running this month, I think I’ve managed two runs in May. This did however get me onto the in-door cycle trainer (Elite Arion Digital Smart B+) I bought which I’ve tried out a couple times. A little trickier than the normal fixed trainers but eventually you get used to it. It came with a year of training exercises in their app so I’ll be using that for now. Next year I’ll sign up to Zwift!

Food: No change there, still on the KetoCarnivore diet. Bulletproof coffee in the morning. Nuts to snack on (almonds and cashews) Little bit of fruit (avocado, blueberries, grapes and bananas) Dark chocolate for dessert.

Extras: Since training has been limited I’ve had to focus on the Wim Hof Method. Instead of a cold shower after training I’ve been getting into the pool for a freezing cold dip before I go to bed. It feels absolutely crazy getting into a cold pool before getting into bed but the freezing cold turns white fat cells (the stubborn ones) into brown fat cells (the ones we burn for energy) I know you must must be thinking it can’t possibly get cold in Australia but I assure you its down to about 6 degrees at night here and we’re only just going into winter. The cold water shower I take after the cold dip actually warms me up!

Notes: I’m not entirely happy about all my diminishing stats, its time to increase the strength exercises!

Stats: Here is a table of stats from all the body scans so far:

Date Weight Body Fat Chest Biceps Waist Hips BMI
Jan-19 90.5 kg 14% 99 cm 32 & 31cm 87 cm 109 cm 25.9
Feb-19 89.5 kg 13% 102 cm 32 & 34cm 86 cm 106 cm 25.6
Mar-19 89.6 kg 13% 104 cm 32 & 34cm 86 cm 106 cm 25.6
Apr-19 88.8 kg 12% 104 cm 32 & 35cm 85 cm 105 cm 25.4
May-19 87.5 kg 12% 104 cm 33 & 35cm 84 cm 105 cm 25
May-19 84.5 kg 12% 103 cm 33 & 34cm 84 cm 104 cm 24.2

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this interview post.

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4 responses to “KetoCarnivore: Glen’s Journey Month 5”

  1. joe Avatar

    Arch support? I thought you were using minimalist footwear?


    1. ketogenicendurance Avatar

      Some people do use support in minimalist shoes, I don’t personally


      1. Joe Avatar

        Which trail runners you were using?

        Thanks for the UCAN tip. It’s the first Stevia flavoured electrolyte mix with potassium I’ve found in the UK. Now I can have that while I’m fasting instead of BCAA electrolyte mix that apparently breaks the fast.


      2. ketogenicendurance Avatar

        I use softstar shoes, not sure what Glen uses.


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