Guest Post: from Harriet – Fast Food Meals That You Can Eat While On Keto  

Keto Fast Food Meals

When you are traveling or on-the-go, you can keep maintaining your keto diet.

Find out the right low-carb meal at every fast food restaurant you stop by.

There is no doubt that eating healthy while in a hurry is a difficult task. In addition, you may be on a ketogenic diet, and that challenge becomes even harder.

You’re likely thinking that there is no way to eat fast food and maintain ketosis state, however, I have good news for you. It’s definitely possible.

If you’re on keto and planning to travel soon, you might end up in a fast food restaurant. it’s totally possible to still track your ketosis, of course, it’ll be harder than normal, as most lifestyle choices are while on a hurry. But some creativity will solve the problem.

Let’s start the challenge. But first, here is a quick rewind of the keto diet and it affects our bodies.

Why Keto?

The ketogenic diet, simply, is a diet that consists of a high amount of fat (between 75% and 80%), moderate in protein (between 15% and 20%), and a very very low percentage of carbohydrates (around 5%).

The significant reduction of carbs puts the body in ketosis state, a physiological state in which your body relies on fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

This means that fat becomes fuel,  it’s your primary and essential source of energy. And this leads to weight loss for many people.

Can I eat fast food while on keto?

Briefly, the answer is YES! You can eat fast food and still on keto but be ready to make some sacrifices, as fast food restaurant menus can be full of carbs and sugars that you should avoid.

Here some quick tips:

  • Plan out your meals before ordering and check the nutritional values in advance. This allows you to remove certain ingredients from your list and track your macros accurately.
  • Stick to meat, cheese, and some veggies. Avoid anything comes with bread.
  • Know exactly what to eat and drink, stick to the simplest ingredients to avoid added carbs.
  • Add extra high-fat sides like bacon and avocado…
  • Read your labels carefully and opt-in for fattier dressings such as balsamic, ranch, and blue cheese…
  • Avoid high-carb salads with berries and starchy items.
  • Opt-in for water, coffee or tea.

Eating low-carb at fast food restaurants:

I’ve selected 8 of the most popular American fast food chains to help you create the perfect keto-friendly meal at each restaurant.

Breakfast options:


Entrée: Egg McMuffin without English muffin which has around 27g of carbs. Throw it away, will leave with 3g of carbs in total.

The Egg McMuffin comes with one egg, Pasteurized Process American cheese, and ham. You can ask for double the meat or double the egg.

Beverage: McDonald’s McCafé offers a sugar-free decadent iced coffee and it has only 1g of carbs. Also, you can opt-in for the Americano Espresso with 0g of carbs.


Iced Drinks:

  • Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee (Grande, no syrup)
  • Nitro Cold Brew (Grande, no syrup)
  • Freshly brewed Starbucks Iced Coffee

Hot Drinks:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Teavana Earl Grey Brewed Tea (Grande, No Sweetener)
  • Teavana Organic Chai Tea
  • Emperor’s Cloud and Mist Green Tea
  • Organic Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea

Lunch options:


Entrée: Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt. Avoid the bread, which leaves you with 28g fat, 30g protein, and 6g carbs. It includes Monterey cheddar cheese, grilled chicken with seasoning and marinade, crispy bacon, onions, spinach, and tomato. You can add additional staples (hard-boiled egg, avocado, Bacon), and choose a dressing with a high-fat amount like olive oil, or avocado oil.

Beverages: Water, diet soda, and unsweetened iced tea are some of the best keto-friendly choices.

Burger King:

Entrée: Bacon King with no bun and ketchup. You’ll get 3g carbs, 75g fat and 54g protein.

Beverages: Water, diet soda, and unsweetened iced tea are some of the best keto-friendly choices.


Entrée: Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Double Stack, or Baconator are great delicious options. Again, throw the bun away.

Beverages: Water, diet soda, and unsweetened iced tea are some of the best keto-friendly choices.

Taco Bell:

Entrée: Here you can go for the Power Menu Bowl. Order it without rice, beans, and sour cream, and you can ask for some additional cheese. Full-fat sour cream is another option instead of the reduced-fat.

Beverages: Don’t forget to avoid the famous Mountain Dew Baja Blast as it has a significantly high amount of carbs (around 56g). Instead look for water, diet soda, and tea.

Dinner options:

Buffalo Wild Wings:

Entrée: Traditional Wings are one of my favorites. They’re tasty and delicious. For snack size, you get 0g carbs, 20g fat, and 44g protein. Also, you can opt-in for Naked Tenders which also have 0g of carbs.

Beverages: Water, diet soda, and iced tea are some of the best keto-friendly choices.

I love “B-Dubs”, I’ve actually created a full guide on how to eat keto at Buffalo Wild Wings. You can check it HERE.


Entrée: Kentucky Fried Grilled Chicken with thigh, breast, drumstick or whole wing, a thigh has the highest fat amount at 9g. It’ll have 17g of protein and a carb count of 0g per serving. Perfect choice.

Opt-in for the ranch dressing over the dipping sauce for some extra flavor.

Beverages: Water, diet soda, and iced tea are some of the best keto-friendly choices.


Eating keto while on-the-go is definitely possible with a little creativity and discipline.

Whether you’re on the road for hours or even day, travel can wreck our health goals, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. Sometimes can’t avoid travel, but what we can do is take a few steps to prepare us ahead of time in order to maintain our ketogenic diet healthy even while eating fast food.

Ketogenic Endurance – whilst Fast Food should not form the basis of your diet, it is a good tool to have in your toolbox when needed.

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