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World Carnivore Month 2021 – Psoriasis -Day 5

I was surprised to read from NHS UK that psoriasis is incurable, and that there is no mention that Diet could be a contributing factor.

Meat up: 1 year later with Don

Don “As always, I don’t know what I don’t know.  My knowledge and experience continues to expand.  I could be wrong or misled about some things, and reserve the right to change when I realize my error.  Everyone needs to find his/her own way. Stay alert to your own responses to foods and open to make changes as needed.  I recommend avoiding using your food choices to define your identity, with language such as “I am a carnivore.”  Instead, I recommend viewing diet and nutrition as tools to achieve the outcomes you desire, using language like: “I eat an animal-based diet to the extent and as long as it improves my outcomes and helps me reach my goals.””

Carnivore Diet success stories – with Sim

Sim “The major benefits I have experienced and experience now is extremely
stable moods and clarity of mind. Nothing like I’ve ever felt before,
even with Keto. I went from Warrior Diet, to low carb and fasting, to a
Paleo template, then to Keto, then to a stricter Paleo style. None of
that made my moods stable or my mind as clear as Carnivore does. It’s
like you’re able to see and understand more, while residing in a more
logical and reasonable part of your brain.”