Carnivore Diet success stories – with Joe

Interview with Joe

1) Introduce Yourself.

Hey there! My name is Joe, I currently reside in Phoenix, Az.

2) How did you eat before Carnivore.

Before I started carnivore I kind of just jumped around with my diet. I ate mostly high carbohydrate foods such as potato’s, white rice, sourdough bread mixed with a little meat & sometimes vegetables. I would snack on junk food & justify it by saying I’m only eating small portions (we know those add up).

3) Why did you try Carnivore to begin with.

I tried the carnivore diet because I was trying to lean out for a Jiu Jitsu tournament and heard from a friend that it was a great way to lose weight, it was mostly for a weight cut hack, but I didn’t know what I was in for and how much of an impact it would have.

4) How do you personally approach the Carnivore Diet.

My approach to the carnivore diet is to eat when I’m hungry, which is not typically in the morning. I’ll usually throw a 12oz ribeye on the grill around 12pm after my Jiu Jitsu training. Around 3 or 4pm I throw about five 85% 15% ground beef patties on the grill and eat those with a couple slices of bacon. I will eat once again around 8pm and that usually consists of either a New York strip or a pound of pressure cooked beef short ribs from Costco.

5) What benefits have you seen since starting the Carnivore Diet.

The benefits have been vast. At first I a lot of diarrhea, but soon found out that I started off with way too much fat, it doesn’t happen to everyone, but I was sensitive to it. I have celiac disease and was dealing with wounds on my scalp and lots of psoriasis on my shins and elbows which all went away two weeks after going on the diet. Sleep improved, mood improved, sex drive went WAY up (I had to stop sleeping on my stomach in the am…tmi I know). My recovery from was cut in half. Insane!

6) What negatives have you found with the Carnivore Diet.

At first the negatives were diarrhoea and getting enough food, but I have a hard time finding any negatives the further along I go.

7) Do you exercise on the Carnivore Diet, if so how do you find it and what do you do.

Yes, I lift heavy 3 days a week & train and compete in Jiu Jitsu 7 days a week. The carnivore diet has really helped with my energy levels and duration of workouts between days at the gym.

8) What piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in trying this diet, but hasn’t taken the leap yet.

I say if you want to try the carnivore diet just keep an open mind, it’s hard for a lot of people to wrap their minds around only eating animal products. I say give yourself 30 days, anyone can commit to something for 30 days especially if that means it might help them with health issues you’re trying to heal. You have nothing lose.

9) Do you think Carnivore will ever be accepted as a mainstream diet.

I believe the carnivore diet will become as common as the paleo & keto diet. I’m already seeing a lot more people experimenting with the diet and seeing great results. I’m hearing people talk more and more about it everyday.

10) Anything you would like to add, and where can people follow you.

Like I said before, just have an open mind. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake, it’s a learning process and everyone is built differently. The results will speak for themselves. You can find me on my Instagram @carnivorewildling and I’m always there to answer questions.


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