The Swindale Round: Walking the Wainwrights

Join us as we explore the beautiful, but challenging, Swindale Round in the Lake District.

The perfect winter hike, this one covers 12 miles, gains 755 metres in height, and features sunny skies, mild temps, and little to no wind.

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Explore the stunning beauty of the Wainwrights with our GPX, which is accessible on the Walking Englishman’s site.

After an initial steep climb, you’ll reach Sell Side Pike, the first of the day’s Wainwrights. Admire Hawswater from afar at Branstree, then onto the third Wainwright on the route, Tarn Crag.

Take pleasure in a strenuous descent before making your way back up to Great Crag. At the end of the bog bash, all of your hard work will pay off with breathtaking waterfalls.

Beautiful sights and unforgettable experiences will be with you forever, when you partake in “Walking the Wainwrights”.

The Swindale Round is not a classic Lake District hike but it is a walk that every outdoor enthusiast should complete at least once. Thank you for coming along on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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