World Carnivore Month 2021 – Anaemia – Day 28



Anaemia is another name for Iron Deficiency, it is often caused by blood loss and pregnancy… but I see it a lot with people who have poor diets namely veganism haha.

I am not even joking it seems quite prevalent within the vegan community no matter how much kale they eat!

It can lead to a lot of things like; fatigue, heart palpitations, pale skin, digestion issues, sickness and black poop.

Laughably the NHS say eating leafy green vegetables will help your symptoms, they also rather stupidly recommend you eat cereals and bread because they are fortified, but then say avoid wholegrain cereals because they inhibit iron absorption due to the antinutrient phytic acid.

Maybe just eat meat instead eh and avoid everything else.

Around 10 million people are iron deficient in USA, so it is not an insignicicant problem.

I have a few carnivore diet success stories showing improvements with their anaemia issues, find them here –

Vesna “I had anaemia, slight osteoporosis (at the age of 18 I had the bones of a 40 y.o.), severe vitamin D, B12 and S-feritine (iron storage) deficiencies to the point my doctor said ”no wonder you have chronic pain, I’m honestly surprised you can sit up.”

Crystal “My anemia is the biggest thing. Being able to control it with animal organs and herbs is amazing. So amazing. I can breathe when I take a liver supplement. My acne is better. My strength and endurance are better. My mood is better.”

Alain “I went back to eating plant based, and tried juice fasting, which is supposed to be the magical cure for everything. Nothing really helped and i ended up with digestive issues, anemia, vitiligo, skin issues, insomnia, hairloss, poor sweating ability and oedema.”

Photo by Chaozzy Lin on Unsplash

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  1. There are several different types of anemia, and iron deficiency anemia is only one. Another form that Vegans would be vulnerable is pernicious anemia, which is caused by a B12 deficiency.


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