The Wall Ultra 2021 – Training week 16


The Wall is an Ultramarathon. 69 miles from Carlisle to Gateshead, UK.

Race is June 2021.

The training continues.

Training Week 16

Seriously undercooked the running this week, as I only did 2 * 4 mile runs. Whilst I did enjoy them when I was out, it was mentally challenging to do any more running this week. Just winter blues I think.

But on the bright side I did a lot of walking, 26 miles. Then I swapped my weekend long run for a tootle on the trails with my bike, 24 miles.

So it certainly wasn’t a lazy week.

That is what I like about ultra training over say marathon or half marathon training. You don’t have to be as specific with what you do. Ultra training is more about just getting used to moving for hours and hours on end. So to me its all ultra training whether I am dog walking, hiking, running or cycling. Although you obviously do have to put the milage in with your running but you do have a little more leeway to keep things interesting.

I can find marathon training is an absolute slog, but but in a funny way ultra training could be less draining. As anything you do outside, in nature, and moving by your own volition… is training. And I like being outdoors, so this will suit me better hopefully.

Strava craic

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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