Carnivore Diet Success Stories

Carnivore Diet success stories – with Jacquie

Interview with Jacquie

1. Introduce Yourself 

Hello! My name is Jacquie Lawson- I’m from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am super excited to share my journey to health with you and how I got there through the Carnivore way of life. I love living an active lifestyle (running, the gym, hot yoga) and also just keeping busy day to day. I love and create music, value time with family and friends and appreciate the little things in life like walking my lazy little pug or a sizzling Ribeye! 

2. How did you eat before Carnivore 

My mom is a nurse and has always tried to have ‘healthy’ meals and options around as I grew up but it was still pretty much what you could call the SAD style of eating all through my growing up. I ate what was served to me, whatever was out at parties, what I craved, and LOTS of candy and sour skittles LOL! I started getting interested in “healthier” food options mid high school and tried pretty much every approach: (Smoothies, protein powders, healthy high-carb and low fat, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, wheat free , skipping meals/days of food etc.) with no real improvements- SHOCKER. That style of diet continued all the way up until I was in college. In college, all that went to the wayside and I ate the most processed and garbage foods I ever have and much too often. I hated the way I felt and looked: (weight gain, depressed, unmotivated, horrible acne, knee pain, fatigue) and my inability to control what I ate. I would get fed up and try to run every day for a week and then the cycle would all start again. It was not until 2 years ago when I went Keto and focused more on nutrition. After Keto I came across Carnivore/Zero carb. 

3. Why did you try the Carnivore Diet to begin with

 I had been doing Keto and Low-carb for a while and found many benefits compared to all the other crash ‘diets’ I had struggled with in the past. However, I found tracking macros and calories very exhausting and toxic as it became obsessive for me. I had gained weight towards the end of Keto even after losing weight with it, as I was overeating Keto treats and nut butters and never felt satisfied. I would tell myself to get back on the ‘clean’ keto-train and then by the end of the week I would go crazy eating whatever I didn’t let myself have earlier. I was also really skipping out on protein without realizing, and was struggling with an eating disorder (bulimia). I came across one of Dr. Ken Berry’s videos about his journey into Carnivore as well as Laura Spath and Shawn Baker – I was intrigued. It sounded nuts but I decided to go for it straight from Keto and haven’t gone back ever since. 

4. How do you personally approach the Carnivore Diet

 The biggest thing for me is listening to my body and looking at Carnivore as a lifestyle not another ‘diet’. I mainly eat beef (lots of ground beef, NY strip) and just cheaper cuts of red meat. Most times I don’t tolerate dairy or eggs too well (which is so sad because cheese is SO good lol) but if it is at a party or if I am out etc. I may have some. I typically eat a higher protein to fat ratio and then will have higher fat days when I need them (where I’dd add bacon or crispy beef trimmings or ghee etc). I eat either once or twice a day and fast daily. Some days I can eat 3 or more lbs of meat other days I’m good with 1lb or may fast all day. I take beef liver capsules a couple times a week and salt my food. I am always so satisfied and satiated and what I crave is meat! My palette has completely changed. 

5. What benefits have you noticed

 The benefits are truly countless. Weight loss and body composition was a significant one. I initially gained a bit of weight at the beginning as my body was very much deprived of nutrients. But after adapting to this way of eating there was almost a ‘woosh’ effect with my weight and I look the leanest I have ever looked with the least amount of effort (seriously none). Carnivore also fixed my relationship with food and healed my struggles with Bulimia and disordered eating and over-exercising to compensate for overeating on ‘bad’ foods. Weight loss, Clear skin, deep/better sleep, knee pain gone, Strong hair, skin and nails, lean muscle definition and abs, improved workouts, reversed my depression and the list really goes on and on. 


6. What negatives have you noticed

 Basically no negatives. Seriously! The only thing would be sometimes eating in social setting can be tricky but there are always ways around it and I’ll take that as the only negative any day with all the benefits Carnivore brings! 

7. Do you exercise and if so how do you find it and what do you do

 I do workout every week and love the gym/keeping active BUT I keep it very simple and efficient. Per week- I’ll do 2-3 days where I lift weights and resistance train and then 3 days where I’ll walk or run for about half an hour. I do also walk most mornings just to clear my head and start the day. (could be anywhere from 10mins to 30mins.) There were times back in the day where I would spend two hours or so 6x a week in the gym with little results- YIKES! 

8. What advice would you give someone who wants to start the Carnivore Diet

 Yes, it may sound crazy- but JUST try it because feeling frustrated, stuck and bummed about all the things that haven’t worked it even crazier! Eat meat and drink water. Eat what you crave, move your body every day (I love walks) and don’t overthink/complicate things. Trust me- it’s simple and you don’t need to struggle. I found it very helpful to join a Carnivore Facebook group (i.e. World carnivore Tribe) and just watching all kinds of YouTube videos from amazing Carnivores that I found I can relate to. 

9. Do you think the Carnivore Diet will ever be accepted mainstream

 I think that small steps in the right direction (sharing results, showing real science, simply informing people, sharing, sharing, sharing) can really impact people and could change the way that society looks at the consumption of meat. There will always be people and big food companies that want to continue demonizing the association with eating meat but we can simply share how it has benefited us and the rest will follow. 

10. Anything to add- and where can people find you

Yes! You can find me best through my Instagram! @jacquie__fit I am always just a message away if you have any questions or comments or things to chat about! I’m also newly on Youtube as Jacquie Lawson and You can also reach me via email at: 

JACQUIE LAWSON/ INSTA: jacquie__fit 

Starting weight: 160 lbs. Current weight: 134 Lbs.


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