Meat Up: 1 year later with Jarrett

I love doing the Carnivore Diet Success Stories, I find it very rewarding to share peoples progress. So I am going to try to catch up with people once a year to see how they are getting on.

Will they all still be Carnivore, probably not. However, I believe they will have an appreciation of the benefits of a meat-heavy diet and will use that knowledge as a tool to further their health.


1) How would you currently describe your current way of eating.

At the moment I’m still carnivore but I’m leaning more towards just low carb overall. I have found that I do not need to rely on carbs for fuel but I do like to incorporate some other things that aren’t just meat. For example I’ll have the occasional avocado. If I’m in need of a cheat I might have a quest bar or pork rinds. I just try and keep it as low carb as possible and I have seen success with that.

2) What have you learned regarding nutrition over the last year.

I have learned that I can fast a lot longer than when I first started. I’m not longer thinking when my next meal is going to be. When I’m hungry I eat and when I eat I feast. I stuck to usually 1 or 2 meals a day and that routine keeps me on track. I have also found the ability to either gain, lose, or maintain weight based on my goals so that’s been going good as well.

3) What health & Fitness improvements, and/or setbacks have you experienced in the last year.

I have been building up my strength for sure. I have continued to hit new PRs in the gym. This time last year I was benching about 255 and now I’m hitting 300 pretty consistently. Deadlift has improved as well. As well as Squat. I had ACL surgery in January but I remained carnivore throughout the recovery. This is the second time I’ve had ACL surgery and I healed up so much better and quicker this time and I truly believe it was because I eliminated inflammation causing foods. I was back to weight training about a month out of surgery.

4) What are your health and fitness goals in the year ahead.

My goals are to continue to get stronger and build more muscle. I also want to start helping other people and I will be coaching people in the near future. I will help people change their lives and stay on track using fasting, exercise, eating habits, and focusing on yourself. I’m excited to share what I have learned with others so I can help change their lives.

5) Anything else to add? and where can people follow your journey?

You can follow me @mr.meatheals if you are interested in online coaching please reach out and I can get you started. The full program is not available online yet but I hope to have it up early next year but I’d love to help anyone out now if they are ready to start their journey

Original Carnivore Diet Success Story is – HERE


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