Bagsmart: RÜCKEN CAMERA BACKPACK – review.


The Wife, the dogs and I do a lot of walking. So I am always in need of a good backpack. The Rucken Camera Backpack has proved to be very good and suits my needs.

I need a backpack for carrying bottles of water and food. The wife is the photographer in the family, so she needs a bag to carry her range of cameras. We always take out a professional camera on our walks. She has an Instagram account showing off our dogs (@heather.and.the.hounds), and I have this blog as well as all the other usual Social Media accounts. So we like to get good quality photos when we are enjoying our walks. So this bag has enabled us to carry all our photography needs, as well as general things like water, food, dog treats, dog bowl, and obviously as we are responsible dog owners…. poopy bags haha.

            Weight: 1.1Kg
Material: 210D Water-Repellent & Rugged Polyester
External Dimension (L x H x W): (12.4 x 17.7 x 5.9)”
Note: Maybe a bit bigger for a small female and not fit under an airline seat.

            1 x Camera Backpack
1 x Zip Case
1 x Rain Cover


Whilst this seems like quite a large bag, it is well designed and sits nicely on my back. The straps are also really easy to adjust but are also secure. It is larger than a normal rucksack but not a big as a hiking backpack. Whilst I have only had it a short amount of time, you can tell it is well made, and it should be able to put up with a lot of wear and tear. You can often tell if something is more style than substance, but this seems to be both.

So far I have been on numerous walks with this backpack, whilst carrying different cameras, equipment, and extras. Each time I have been able to adjust the inside of the backpack to suit my needs. In fact, the inside is really clever. Basically, there are a series of pads which velcro to the insides of the bag. This enables you to build different sized compartments within the bag to suit your needs.

In conclusion, it is an excellent camera bag and a really good normal bag.

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