I have been low carb since January 2016. I started with the Ketogenic Diet, and I have been on the Contemporary Carnivore Diet (eBook) since October 2017. I love this way of eating but there are only so many times I can blog about how great I feel. So I decided to get other people to tell you how great they feel instead!

Miki is a Bikini competitor and shows how versatile this diet can be.

If you have a Carnivore Diet success story you would like to share. Please get in touch with me.

Interview with Miki

Editors note : Between Miki submitting her Story and the time I published it. She has stopped doing strict Carnivore. She has transitioned to a meat based diet, where she has reintroduced FODMAP fruit and vegetables. Meat and Eggs are still the primary target of her meals. She believes she does better on leaner meats and some carbs, and feels more comfortable tracking her macros. I have nothing but respect for this, as it is important that you find what works for you. She is currently doing around 80g Carbs, 130g Protein and 100g Fat. If the whole world adopted a meat heavy diet with fresh fruit and veg, then it would likely be in a let better shape than it is now. I personally have no metabolic issues, so I don’t have to stick to strict Carnivore. I do it because it is something I enjoy, it is working and it is convenient for me currently. If I get the urge to have some fresh strawberries one day, I ll have them. It isn’t going to destroy my belief’s or digestion. I am thankful I have the choice, a lot of people end up on Carnivore as a last resort. Anyway I feel there is still a lot of useful information in this post, enjoy. 


1) Introduce Yourself.

I am a bartender/personal trainer living in Las Vegas. I also compete in bikini.

2) How did you eat before Carnivore.

Before carnivore, I was a vegetarian.  I believed that I would become fat and pudgy by eating meat. It was a really high carb diet.

3) Why did you try Carnivore to begin with.

I reintroduced meat into my diet after feeling depleted during prep for my bikini competition. I was 10 weeks out with horrible acne, constant panic attacks and feeling mentally unstable all the time. I was craving meat!!! I ate a double-double at In-N-Out protein style and as a cheat meal and I could literally feel the blood pumping through my veins and a mood boost. From then on I ate a lot of red meat and eggs with brown rice and veggies while shredding weight for the show, then dumped the rice and veggies altogether the day after I competed and haven’t felt happier 🙂


4) How do you personally approach the Carnivore Diet.

I personally approach the Carnivore Diet by eating what I want when I want it. If the cut of meat is too lean, add bacon grease, butter or ghee to it. A lot of people post their recipes on Instagram that I follow so I also get heavily influenced by them too.

5) What benefits have you seen since starting the Carnivore Diet.

The benefits I’ve seen since starting the Carnivore Diet would be cleared skin. I’ve always had acne throughout my life to a point that my family members called me Pizza Face. Now that’s not a problem. I would also say that my stomach isn’t pudgy, my body is well balanced, and my energy level is amazing that I don’t need coffee but just drink it because I love the taste. No more anxiety or depression.

6) What negatives have you found with the Carnivore Diet.

The negatives on the Carnivore Diet, was for a few days I had diarrhea when I started.

Also when I compete again hopefully summer 2019, I’ll most likely be coaching myself because I can’t find a coach who has experience with 100% carnivore. Everyone is saying I need vegetables to digest….*laughs*


7) Do you exercise on the Carnivore Diet, if so how do you find it and what do you do.

Yes, I exercise on the Carnivore Diet, I feel like I have so much energy I’m in the gym every day. I lift 5 times a week and with cardio 3 times a week currently.

8) What piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in trying this diet, but hasn’t taken the leap yet.

Advice for someone who is interested in trying this diet is to trust the process. Also, one size doesn’t fit all. Find what’s best for you.


9) Do you think Carnivore will ever be accepted as a mainstream diet.

Do you think Carnivore will ever be accepted as a mainstream diet. No. I want a documentary on Netflix that makes me believe otherwise.

10) Anything you would like to add, and where can people follow your journey.

You can follow me on Instagram @girl_eats_meatIMG_3663

I hoped you enjoyed this interview post.

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