Guest Post – Ketogenic Diet To Help With Dog Cancer


Miserably, the occurrences of cancer have been booming in humans as well as dogs equally.

The disease, which was quite rare a few decades ago, is now one of the most rapidly
growing ones. When the dog’s immune system can’t control the cells from cloning at an
aberrant fast rate it forms a mass termed as tumor. This tumor leads to cancer. Although,
if the symptoms come to notice early then half of all the cancers are treatable.

Approximately, fifty percent of canines older than the age of 10 will be stricken with Dog
Cancer at some stage in their life cycle. In comparison with different companion animals,
canines are influenced by more forms of cancer. As per the Veterinary Cancer Society, the dominant reason behind the death of 47% canines and 32% cats is cancer. While cancer is genetic in some breeds of dogs, however this disease is generally found in old dogs.

Here are some of the most prevailing forms of cancer in dogs-

1. Bone Cancer This cancer is particularly observed in giant dog breeds, generally more
than seven years in age. Leg bones and joints are the common sites of these tumors.
Persistent pain, lameness and swelling in the troubled area are the symptoms of
bone cancer.

2. Mammary Gland Cancer: It is recommended to get your female dog sterilized before
she attains the age of 12 months. This helps to diminish the chance of mammary
gland cancer.

3. Skin Cancer: In older dogs, the skin tumor is generally seen in older dogs. Get your
dog inspected by vet frequently to ensure that the skin tumor isn’t cancerous.

4. Abdominal Tumors: These tumors are within the abdomen and it is really
challenging to detect in early stages. Some of the common symptoms are weight loss
and abdominal tumors.

5. Mouth Cancer: Cancer of the mouth is common in canines and some of the
symptoms that you should pay attention are difficulty in eating, tumor on the gums,
bleeding or odor from the mouth. Neoplasia can form inside the nose of your dog
which can be identified by the symptoms that include facial swelling, bleeding from
the nose and difficulty in breathing.

6. Testicular Cancer: Testicular tumors are common in the dogs that have restrained
testicles, which might be situated between scrotum and abdomen or in the

The diagnosis of cancer is a lot better if it’s caught early. It is correct that cancer in canines is genetic, despite that lifestyle also plays a major function on your dog’s physical wellbeing.

As a particular disease is spreading out, you should take a closer look at the nutrition and lifestyle of your pet. If your dog fails to get the exercise, remains inactive all day, consuming the similar brand of food daily, you have your offender right there. Majority of commercial dog foods that are available are generally 4D protein-laden, carbohydrate-based, high-heat processed dog foods that aren’t beneficial for you canine as they claim to be.

The Ketogenic Diet For Your Dogs- Ketogenic Dog Food helps the dogs to fight against
cancer. This diet aids to halt or slowdown the growth of tumor. Cancer nourishes on sugar, therefore cut out the sugar and carbohydrates from your canine’s diet to stop or slow the cancer. Your dog is going to shed some weight. There will be a decline in inflammation in the body, making the immune system stronger.

Ketogenic diet has helped numerous of canines to fight off cancer so that they can enjoy
their belly rubs and go on long walks with their owners. Although, a ketogenic diet solely
isn’t adequate to assure your dog’s well-being.

The three major things that you should remember while buying dog food are:

1. Food with low sugars- Carbohydrates are considered as sugars because the
processing method by your dog’s body is similar. They don’t require carbs, instead
they do much well on adequate protein, low carb diets and high-fat diets.

2. Food with organic ingredients- Ordinary ingredients are crammed with carcinogens
and toxins which piles up in the dog’s body and cause health issues. Organic foods
are healthier options as they are nutritious and safe.

3. Food cooked at low temperatures- Nutrients remain intact if the food is processed
and stored at a lower temperature. A nutritious food will help to keep your dog
healthier and happier than ever.

A ketogenic diet slows down and halts the development of malignant tissue which leads
to cancer. Help your dog to prevent Dog Cancer or fight severe health problems with the
help of organic and healthy foods.

I hope you gained some valuable information from the above guest post. There are hyperlinks in the post leading to a dog food website. Which I have no issue with, however I have never used them. I personally feed my dogs raw meat, offal and bones. I personally do not feed them any vegetables.







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