The Ketogenic Endurance Interviews – Eric Lancaster

I really respect Eric. He has had some health problems, and decided to make the changes he felt would benefit himself and his family. On top of that his views on training mirror my own, in that you should be flexible, listen to your body and most importantly enjoy it.

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Eric Lancaster.  Instagram: @TexasKetoAthlete Strava:

Who are you?

I’m a 37 year-old living near Austin, Texas.  I am a full-time paramedic, working 12-hour shifts.  I enjoy cooking, reading, exercise, listening to podcasts, but most of all spending time with my wife and three daughters.

What is your exercise background?

I played football (the kind with helmets) in high school and I threw shotput and discus.  In college I hike and lifted weights but nothing organized.  Up until two years ago, I very inconsistently lifted weights and ran.  In summer 2015, I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma (benign pituitary tumor).  That was a wake up call for me.  It was a reminder that I only live this life once and I have to make my health a priority.  I changed from 24-hour shifts at work to 12-hour shifts to optimize my sleep patterns.  I decreased my carbohydrate intake (eventually becoming ketogenic).  The focus on sleep and dietary changes helped greatly.  I researched and digested as much as I could through Endurance Planet (podcast) and Primal Endurance (podcast and book).  As far as my running experience, my personal bests are a 25 minute 5k and 53 minute 10k.  I have also rowed at 7:40 2000m on my concept2 erg.

What are your exercise goals for the future?

Right now I am focusing my training on a 25k trail run in October.

I’m very excited for the race and we have turned it into a weekend camping getaway for the family.  My training focus is building up aerobic capacity slowly while maintaining MAF heart rate.  I am doing a mix of running, rowing, calisthenics, weight training, and mobility/yoga.

Also, these are the lifetime goals I made for myself.

See my abs

1.5x Body weight (BW) front squat

2.5x BW deadlift

135lb barbell press

BW clean

1.5x BW bench press

Run a half marathon in 90 minutes

Run a mile in 6 minutes

Row a marathon (concept 2 rower)

2k row less than 6:30

Run a 50k

15 dead hang pull-ups in a row

What are your nutritional beliefs?

I usually do aerobic sessions early in the morning (due to heat) and I prefer to do them fasted.  I generally fast for 14-18 hours a day.  On non-exercise days, I aim for 20g net carbs.  If I’m doing more than an hour of aerobic work, I will add full fat yogurt and some berries post-workout, and that drifts up to 40g net carbs or so.  I eat a big salad of leafy greens once or twice a day.  I try to eat a serving or two of veggies in every meal.  Also in the regular rotation are eggs, cream, cheese, salami, bacon, olives, nuts (brazil, macademia, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds), avocado, meat from my smoker (I am a Texan), MCT oil, and coconut.  I am the primary chef in my family, so I generally make two to three big meals a week and have leftovers for myself and my family.  I will often cook rice or bake sweet potatoes for them as I have very active and carb-tolerant kids and wife.

Anything you want to add?

The single greatest thing I have learned is that you have to enjoy the journey.  A race or event is only one day of your life.  The important stuff: training, diet, rest, and health are every single day.  For long-term success and happiness, enjoy every second of the journey.  Sometimes that means taking an extra rest day or two.  Sometimes that means running longer when you feel great.  Focusing on a rigid schedule or rigid goals will only lead to frustration.



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