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Carnivore Diet success stories – with Katja

Katja “I lived with bipolar depression and anxiety starting at 12 years old. My symptoms got classed as severe and I kept developing additional degradation of my brain and body. I started getting ADHD as a young adult, developed Aspergers, my doctors thought I gone mad and did nothing to even get me a proper diagnosis.
When arthritis started to set in my hands (I am a practical person and an artist) I couldn’t take anymore. That anger I felt then and having more terms to google got me to the carnivore diet. I changed my food from one day to the other I had nothing to lose. I was lucky to meet a real-life carni in a new colleague and when I saw how healthy and fit the community looked I had no worries to jump right in.”

Carnivore Diet success stories – with Sim

Sim “The major benefits I have experienced and experience now is extremely
stable moods and clarity of mind. Nothing like I’ve ever felt before,
even with Keto. I went from Warrior Diet, to low carb and fasting, to a
Paleo template, then to Keto, then to a stricter Paleo style. None of
that made my moods stable or my mind as clear as Carnivore does. It’s
like you’re able to see and understand more, while residing in a more
logical and reasonable part of your brain.”

Carnivore Diet success stories – with Emanuel

Emanuel “Reduces inflammation in my joints, increased strength, muscle gain, fat loss, more endurance, more focus, I feel mentally better, no more signs of depression nor anxiety, libido went up, I am more productive and I and a better husband and father as a result! Oh and no cravings! Even if my wife is beside me eating ice cream I still don’t get craving which had always been my downfall.”