The Carnivore Running Diaries – Testing out the Softstar Shoes Primal RunAmoc’s and some SKINS Compression Gear + my weekly Running exploits

Testing out the Softstar Shoes Primal RunAmoc's and some SKINS compression gear, plus my recent running exploits from 13th to 19th November 2017.

The Carnivore Eating Diaries – Dog Kibble; the equivalent of the Standard Western Diet?

Pet food is marketed in an eerily similar method, to what is used to trick Humans into eating carbage.

The Carnivore Running Dairies – Barefoot Running

A look at why I run in barefoot running shoes & sandals, plus my recent running exploits: 6th to 12th November 2017.

The Carnivore Running Diaries: Slow and Steady = Race Ready! The MAF Method

A look at why I use the MAF Method in my marathon training, and a look at this weeks running exploits: 30th Oct to 5th November 2017.

The Carnivore Eating Diaries – Which Carbohydrates are Essential? and is your Colon filled with rotten meat !!! + The Pioppi Diet

A look at 1) Do you need Carbs 2) The Pioppi Diet and 3) My recent Carnivore Diet / Zero Carb Diet / Ketogenic Diet exploits.

The Carnivore Eating Diaries – Can Humans be as ripped as a Gorilla on a plant based diet? + The Paleo Diet

A look at can we digest plants, the paleo diet and my recent modified carnivore diet / zero carb diet / ketogenic diet exploits.

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