Carnivore Diet success stories – with Mike

Mike “Since making that change I have lost a further 8lbs and % body fat is 16. I weigh 151 Lbs and 5’9”. Much more energy. Never had any medical issues to begin with and not on any medication. I’m in ketosis all the time but rarely check it any more. “

Running, to run The Wall Ultramarathon 2021 – Week 4 & 5 Training

“For the most part I am running 4 times a week, and increasing my mileage by a mile a week. With a combination of long weekend runs or back to backs. When I get up to the 30-35 mile a week range, I’ll start running 5 times a week. I am not really into tempo runs, and all my runs have hills in them. So really I’ll just be going out for aerobic runs. I am not trying to win the race, just survive it!”