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Over 100k views of my blog, and why I am happy people are reading about my Zero Carb journey.

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Softstar Shoes Brand Review

Three reviews from the Softstar Shoes product range.

Softstar Shoes: PRIMAL RunAmoc – Review

My review of the Softstar ShoesPrimal RunAmoc.

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Carnivore Diet, Zero Carb Diet, Ketogenic Diet

The Carnivore Diet Diaries – Animal Fat is good for us, Language tells us that + Zero Carb Keto Marathon Training.

Positive usages of the word FAT in languages, and my Carnivore / Keto / Zero Carb Marathon Training.

The Carnivore Eating Diaries – Which Carbohydrates are Essential? and is your Colon filled with rotten meat !!! + The Pioppi Diet

A look at 1) Do you need Carbs 2) The Pioppi Diet and 3) My recent Carnivore Diet / Zero Carb Diet / Ketogenic Diet exploits.