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Meat Up: 1 year later with Dwayne

“I have learned you will continue to feel benefits from carnivore well into your second year and personally I never seem to tire of animal foods. Trusting the process and keeping with it until your gut is healed is very important.”

Carnivore Diet success stories – with Kelsey

Kelsey “My husband, Dan is on a more strict version of carnivore – meat and water only (including non ruminants like fish and chicken, but mostly beef). I believe it is best to stick with this for at least the first month, from there try introducing egg yolks, then whole eggs, dairy, etc. The more healing you have to do the more likely it’s best to stay on basic carnivore (it is very important to supplement with raw grassfed liver)  until your health is under control again so you can really tell when you’re getting a negative reaction from the food.”