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carnivore diet, zero carb, ketogenic diet, marathon training, barefoot running, running
carnivore, carnivore diet, keto, ketogenic diet, zero carb, zero carb diet, lchf, meat heals, nequalsmany
Carnivore Diet, Zero Carb Diet, Ketogenic Diet
carnivore diet, zero carb diet, keto, ketogenic diet, lchf, fat adapted

Let me introduce to you: The Carnivore Diaries

I will be looking into how a carnivore / zero carb diet affects my health, body composition, and running goals.

OMAD Ketogenic Diet: One Meal A Day Intermittent Fasting

An introduction into my experiment with a One Meal A Day Ketogenic Diet (OMAD).

The Ketogenic Endurance Interviews: Hayden Maher

I like Hayden’s mind set. He lives on nutritious real food. It does not matter what type of Low Carb lifestyle umbrella you stand under. If you cut out grains and sugar, whilst limiting processed food you are a long way down the road to good health. What is also apparent is that once you ...

Running on Keto – Training Week 11th to 17th March 2017

I got off to a good start to the week, but it tailed off towards the end. However overall I got some decent work in. I was happy with my weekend run, a smidge over a half marathon on the Deerness Valley Way Trail. The run was fasted, and the pace was at around my MAF ...