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The world is not a good place at the moment. Generally people are sick, unfit and weak. The diseases of civilisation are swiping a scythe through generation after generation. Obesity, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer are almost the norm now rather than the exception.

Whose fault is it? Ourselves for having no control of what we put in our mouth? Doctors looking to pills, rather than prevention? Sugar companies funding studies to suit their agenda? A trend to promoting plant consumption, such as Grains? Increased consumption of Vegetable Seed Oils? Government organisations and charities doubling down on advice that seems to have made the issues worse, rather than solving them?

Well it is probably all of the above to a degree, as well as many other reasons. There have been many rocks thrown in the lake, and all the ripples are overlapping.

Is all hope lost? Or can we reclaim our health. There are many places to start. The place I choose to start was way back in the past, when the diseases of civilisation did not exist. A time when humans were lean, healthy, could run long distances, could sprint, could jump and could throw.
You see nutrition is extremely simple; it has been complicated for profit and control. Nutrition is no more complicated than:

  1. What is our digestive system designed to digest?
  2. What were we eating to cause the evolution of the above design?

I believe if we eat a species appropriate diet, then we will recover our health. This will also happen a lot quicker, than you would likely imagine.

I have being living the low carb life for 3 years now, playing around with what works and how to build exercise around it.

The majority of this time I was traditional Keto, since October 2017 I have been eating a Carnivore Diet. Specifically my coined “Contemporary Carnivore Diet”, a way to eat ancient food in modern times.

I am a one man show, so any donations will be used for supporting my writing, knowledge and promotion of a low carb lifestyle.

I am passionate about doing this, so any donations that make it easier would be amazing. Even if my writing only helps one person rediscover their health. That is mind blowing to me, helping someone save their own life from health issues. Wow. It is just so awesome.

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