Ketogenic Diet

Featuring Guest posts and promotions relating to the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet.

My writings will be increasingly related to the benefits of the Carnivore Diet, in relation to health and fitness. However I am still a big advocate for traditional Keto. So I will be promoting and featuring Guests on my blog, to show the benefits of Keto. These can be found through the categories section, below are some examples.

Keto Summit

Keto Bundle Book Sale (13-18th Spetember 2018 only)

Keto40 Program: 

Keto40 Program is a 40-day guided program that’s designed for people starting out on Keto. It includes meal plans, workouts, daily emails, videos, FB support/community, accountability, and bonuses.

The program starts each Monday. So when folks purchase, they’ll be added to the next Monday’s start date. 

Keto Snacks Cookbook:

A continually updated recipe book for quick and easy Keto snacks.

Blog Post: Top 4 mistakes on the Keto Diet and how to avoid them.

Blog Post: How to successfully meal plan on Keto.

Blog Post: Keto for Cancer Patients.

Ketogenic Supplement Reviews

Blog post: Expert testimonials.

Blog Post: Exogenous Ketones.

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